Top 5 Restaurants in St. Moritz: Michelin-Starred Excellence in Europe’s Finest Winter Destination

Since 1864 St. Moritz has been the epitome of Alpine luxury. First attracting royals and celebrities with its mineral spring spas, and quickly afterward putting itself on the map as the main winter destination complete with palatial hotels and jaw-dropping nature, to this day St. Moritz remains just that – the ultimate winter wonderland. The Swiss town at the heart of the Engadin valley has perfected each and every aspect of the service industry, and you would have to look very hard to find anything short of excellent. The same applies to the dining scene. Filled with Michelin-starred restaurants, St. Moritz boasts a dining scene unlike any other. Each unique, cooked-to-perfection dish is served in an awe-inspiring setting often complete with splendid views.

Ecco St. Moritz

There’s no way to talk about the St. Moritz dining scene without mentioning Ecco St. Moritz first and foremost. The most highly-celebrated restaurant has not only gained international acclaim from patrons worldwide but has two Michelin stars on top of it. Chef Rolf Fliegauf and his team have created a truly marvelous offer that celebrates fresh seasonal ingredients which come together in a symphony of natural flavors. Passion and ambition are the driving forces and the results couldn’t be more extraordinary. Japanese Wagyu beef, Norwegian scallops, goose liver from Landes… the menu is dazzling with enticing options and this truly is a St. Moritz must.


Part of the remarkable Badrutt’s Palace, Igniv by Andreas Caminada is yet another Michelin-starred gem in the already dazzling St. Moritz dining scene. The remarkable fine dining establishment not only shines bright with an otherworldly menu offering but the space itself is also rather unique and fantastically comfortable – the perfect blend between traditional Alpine rustic feel and finest contemporary design pieces. The concept is based on sharing, thus the main offer is the Igniv 3 Course Sharing Experience with optional surprise components and cheese. All meat and fish products, unless clearly stated otherwise, are from Switzerland allowing an intimate sneak-peak into local and seasonal produce. Conveniently, the meals are accompanied by a wine pairing from restaurant’s expert sommeliers.

Cà d’Oro

Offering the highest levels of sophistication in the timeless dining room, Cà d’Oro, located in the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, offers Michelin-accredited fine dining Mediterranean style. A combination of well-loved traditional dishes and modern interpretations of finest ingredients come together in a truly unique dining experience that promises complete satisfaction and satiation – nothing less than what you’d expect from a place like this at the heart of St. Moritz. Highly-trained chefs experienced in international kitchens masterfully put together dishes where texture, consistency, and exquisite taste are the prevailing elements. Elegance through and through is what defines Cà d’Oro.


Contrasting in appearance, but easily keeping up with its Michelin-starred neighbors, Talvo offers remarkable dining in the most quaint setting – a farmhouse dating back to the 17th century. Martin Dalsass and his family have run the restaurant since 2011 and it has quickly risen to the top as one of the best restaurants in the region. The South Tyrolian chef has years of experience and thus has been able to create an exquisite Mediterranean-inspired menu using some of the finest ingredients available. Patagonian toothfish and octopus, venison and red partridge, veal and Guinea fowl are only some of the mouthwatering meat and fish options available on the menu and each has been cooked with the highest level of precision and creativity. The expert staff are knowledgeable guides on your food journey and it’s a delight to be able to explore the vast flavor options accompanied by heartwarming Swiss charm.

Da Vittorio

Set in the classy Carlton Hotel, Da Vittorio is the epitome of style and elegance in the St. Moritz culinary scene. Brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea create Michelin-starred creations that are both culinary delights and edible art pieces. A careful approach to delicate textures and flavors, as well as precise execution, create noteworthy results that are above and beyond expectations. Without trying to fix something that isn’t broken, the dishes are ambitious yet familiar, creative but still traditional. And in this perfect synergy, an experience unlike any other is born. Sommelier-recommended wines complement each dish, and the whole dining experience is elevated to another level by the royal-worthy interior.

Lauma Breeze

Ever since reading In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne in her childhood, Lauma has been fascinated by all things travel. From sailing as well as exploring nature inland to continuously being fascinated by cities and cultures worldwide, she conveys her passion and inquisitive nature in writing.

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