Best Dining in Bora Bora: The Perfect Marriage Between French and Polynesian Flavors

An escape to Bora Bora guarantees to deliver the ultimate sensory overload. In a place as stunning as this, we really don’t mind and neither will you. From the moment you board a private boat to one of the luxury 5-star hotels located on the east island of Motu Piti Aau with stunning views of the dramatic volcanic peaks of Bora Bora, you can rest assured that everything that follows will be nothing short of the highest quality.

When it comes to dining, it’s all about the seafood not just here in Bora Bora but any island, really. Only the freshest seafood options from a range of coral and ocean fish get served here as this is something that is always readily available, unlike other products which are slightly more difficult to acquire for any island community. Due to this, the prices are higher, but that is matched by chefs’ creativity and output – you can only expect the best when dining in one of these celebrated Bora Bora restaurants.

Lagoon by Jean-Georges

Lagoon by Jean-Georges part of St. Regis Bora Bora resort is without a doubt one of the finest and most exclusive restaurants in Bora Bora. The menu created by the world-famous Jean-Georges Vongerichten celebrates French and Asian cuisines with locally-caught fish and only the best meat cuts from U.S. Angus beef and New Zealand lamb.

The over-water restaurant embraces its surroundings with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass-panelled floors. Opt for the tasting menu with wine pairing to experience some of the best dishes served here. Everything from crispy crusted tuna to bacon-wrapped shrimp with passion fruit mustard as well as daily catch mains and the juiciest steaks and veal is cooked to perfection and doesn’t lack an inventive element.

La Villa Mahana

If you want to experience something truly exclusive, La Villa Mahana is the place you want to be. Probably the most well-known restaurant in Bora Bora, a dinner at this establishment needs to be booked months in advance as they only accommodate six couples per dinner. The beautifully romantic location is slightly hidden, tucked away in the back of a Mediterranean-style house with a natural curtain of lush flowers.

The whole experience is highly personalised and the ambience feels intimate and unlike anything else. Regular changes in the menu based on local catches and fresher ingredients ensure that even if you are a returning patron, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The attention to detail is immaculate and we highly recommend trying the 5-course taster menu with wine pairing. The price tag for a dinner at La Villa Mahana is probably the most noteworthy in Bora Bora, but so is the experience.

Arii Moana

Arii Moana at the Four Seasons Bora Bora borrows its name from the Tahitian phrase meaning – kings of the lagoon. And the moment you step into the restaurant space, it’s easy to see that this place has a certain majestic element about it. High wooden pillars hold the thatched roof and the restaurant’s spacious interiors are filled with beautiful wooden elements.

The menu highlights the best of French and Polynesian cuisines, and just as you’d expect from Bora Bora – seafood dishes are at the very heart of the menu. From a creamy seafood bisque and langoustine tail starters to yellowfin tuna cooked on Bora Bora’s volcanic stone and beautiful mahi mahi seafood mains, and black Angus and Australian lamb in the mains menu. The menu is updated seasonally to offer fresh options.

Le St. James

A romantic boat ride on calm lagoon waters while sipping champagne and watching the sun drop below the horizon followed by a romantic dinner under a starlit sky might seem like a romantic movie cliche unless it all happens in real life in a place as beautiful as Bora Bora. Even the most determined romance adversary wouldn’t be able to say no to this – and we can’t emphasise it enough – it really is as good as it gets here at Bora Bora. This perfectly-prepared evening ordeal is carefully crafted by the team of Le St. James. Unless coming by boat, the location might seem a little off the beaten path as the restaurant is tucked behind a shopping centre. However, the moment you step inside you instantly become enthralled by the perfect mix of stylishly informal atmosphere and an incredible deck with fantastic views of the bay.

The menu focuses mostly on French cuisine injecting a dose of local food traditions and readily available fresh local produce and seafood. While scallops might be something you regularly see on the menu pretty much everywhere, the ones at Le St. James are a must-try – exquisite preparation and presentation elevate these to the next level. While the food is immaculately cooked and served in the finest way, the overall atmosphere is pleasantly unassuming making the whole experience perfectly comfortable and memorable.

Sands Restaurant

Sands, the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort restaurant which celebrates a more casual approach to resort dining, delivers exactly what the name promises – a private beach dining experience, where you can fully enjoy the stunning lagoon views and the gentle ocean breeze. Offering both open-air pavilion seating and beachfront tables, Sands differs from other Bora Bora dining locations with its casual but no less delicious offering.

The evening menu consists of international and local dishes infused with Asian flavours. Grilled dishes are must-try when visiting Sands, and a weekly beach barbecue is also one of the restaurant’s specialities. On selected dates, there’s also live music. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to order a cocktail from one of the bar’s mixologists.


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