Few places flourish in natural beauty as well as Turks and Caicos. Boasting turquoise waters, soft white-sand beaches and luscious forests, this tropical archipelago is a haven where you can wash away all the stresses you came with. Although Turks and Caicos consists of roughly 100 islands and cays, only eight of which are actually inhabited, meaning divine privacy can be found in abundance. The islands remain relatively untouched by tourism compared to its busier neighbors, whereas its breathtaking coral reefs and mesmerizing marine environment make for some of the most exciting underwater adventures in the Caribbean.

On top of its unspoiled natural riches, Turks and Caicos takes luxury to new heights. The once pirate-infested coastlines are now lined with seaside restaurants and five-star hotels that offer every amenity you could ever think of. By its very nature, Turks and Caicos is the ideal destination for those seeking unbroken tranquility and connection with nature.

Citation Latitude

Private Jet Charter

Before you set sail for the crushed pink sands of Grace’s Bay, sip fruity drinks at the infamous Conch Shack and spend hours snorkeling and diving into the majestic Dean’s Blue Hole, you’ll need to get there. The Citation Latitude is a mid-weight jet that will get you to Turks and Caicos quickly. With 440 knots comfortably beneath its belt and a range of 2850 nm, this aircraft was designed to fulfill the needs of travelers wanting something taller, longer and wider. Eight seats, clever storage solutions and an onboard refreshment center mean that you don’t have to wait until you touch down in the Caribbean for some rum-infused mellowness.

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Where to Stay

If there is one word that immediately comes to mind, when thinking about the Amanyara Resort, it’s zen. Located on the western shore of Providenciales, the temple-like hotel is inspired by Southeast Asian architecture and features open-air pavilions and villas that seamlessly blend in with the surroundings. Water plays a significant role at Amanyara, with two to six-bedroom villas set around a black infinity pool, while four spa pavilions lie next to a reflecting pond.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to soak in all the sunlight and fresh ocean air, while wooden decks create harmony every step along the way. The resort overlooks the reefs of Northwest Point Marine National Park and is sheltered by the vast wilderness of protected parkland. Providenciales has a reef along the whole length of the island, and any diving enthusiast won’t be able to find a better place for underwater exploration than here.

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Heesen Yachts

Yacht Charter

The Turks and Caicos islands consist of over 230 miles of pristine white-sand beaches and blessed with the third-largest barrier reef in the world. Whether you want to access remote dive spots, visit historic towns or explore uninhabited islands, the 144.3ft (44m) G3 is the luxury yacht that allows you to experience places that very few people ever reach. Built by world-class Dutch yacht builders Heesen, this racy charter yacht offers spacious accommodation for up to 12 guests in five gorgeous cabins.

The generous outdoor spaces include a large swimming platform, sundeck and alfresco dining areas perfect for soaking up the Caribbean sunshine. With an onboard masseuse and dedicated massage room, full diving equipment and a water toy chest that includes jet skis, wakeboards and kitesurfing gear, both deep relaxation and adrenaline rushes are guaranteed onboard.

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Coco Bay

Where to Dine

Coco Bistro has found its home in the largest palm grove on the Providenciales island within the Grace Bay – convenient as it’s only a few minutes away from many resorts. It’s here you can enjoy an intimate dinner under the stars and swaying palm trees while the warm and refreshing ocean breeze gently encircles you. The menu is dominated by fresh local cuisine with a Caribbean twist and delivers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Start your dinner with a local fresh conch starter – choose between sweet and sour with fresh Dominican pineapple or opt for a Martini-scented ceviche style with lemon and hot pepper. The mains menu features an astonishing list of fantastic dishes – from salmon to rare local tuna, black Angus rib-eye, lamb rack, and blackened Mahi. As with any Turks and Caicos location, expect an impressive list of rums – Ron Zacapa, Diplomatico, and more exclusive aged rums from the region.

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Vanessa Rivers

What to Do

The alluring waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands are known as a world-class diving destination for its thriving coral reef ecosystem and rich marine activity. Put quite simply, it’s a diver’s paradise. Although the three most popular islands among divers, Grand Turk, Salt Cay and Providenciales, each have their own personality, they share one trait: unbeatable wall diving. The clear waters provide excellent visibility to marvel at the abundance of tropical fish, colorful coral and pristine reefs along the shore. Heading out on a boat trip into the depths of the ocean, however, is where the real thrill lies, characterized by fascinating shipwrecks and marine life that includes manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales.

While Turks and Caicos Islands are no stranger to beautiful beaches, Grace Bay Beach is truly one of the world’s most stunning shorelines. The world-famous crescent of island stretches more than 12 miles across the northern shore of Provo with porcelain-white sands. The crashing turquoise waters have a slight beryl hue that partially comes from the crushed pink coral sea bottom found exclusively in the South Atlantic. Elsewhere, the smaller islands around Providenciales, known as the Cays, really sum up the essence of Turks and Caicos as an isolated paradise. Accessible only by private boat charter, the islands are almost completely deserted. A visit to the uninhabited Cays is filled with unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters, tropical life and breathtaking scenery.


What to Pack

The alluring waters of the Turks and Caicos are recognized as a world-class diving destination for its thriving coral reef ecosystem and rich marine activity. One of the most pinnacle watch choices among divers is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra which embodies the maritime heritage of the brand. When it comes to the Seamaster, the technical excellence first and foremost proves why it has long been the choice of timepiece for underwater explorers and undercover spies.

The instantly recognizable blue dial and stainless steel bezel makes for a timeless style choice that can be worn just as well onshore. The islands also boast 350 days of sunshine each year with pleasant temperature, so be prepared for lots of time spent in the water, leisurely meals by the seaside and exploring historic towns.