Your Yachting Lifestyle Guide to the Greek Islands

Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and Athens – the names of the gorgeous Greek Islands escape with a sigh. Ever since the days of Poseidon; sailors have been lured to these white and blue islands – tempted by so much more than just the echo of siren songs. As old as time, equal part ancient history and mythology, and still with a generous pinch of glitz – the Greek Islands enchant with every move. Those looking to island hop throughout the summer, we have some delicious tips to help you make the most of the amazing Aegean waters.

Where to Stay

Don’t let yourself be pinned down to just one place, the very best way to explore the islands is aboard a luxury yacht charter. Onboard a yacht you will be able to creep to hidden corners of this ancient civilization, to drop anchor along crystal clear beaches and to watch those famous sunsets in Santorini from the deck of your superyacht. To find out which amazing anchors and ports of call are worth swinging by check out our yacht charter itinerary for Greece.

La Residence Mykos

To make the most of this seafarer’s playground you want a yacht that can deliver. The Mary-Jean II from Italian based ISA Yachts could be just the dream. Bright and modern bamboo teak interiors match the whimsical whites and blues that make up the Grecian color scheme. A large sundeck with jacuzzi is enticing for balmy Mediterranean nights, and when you want to step ashore – two Novurania Chase tenders can take you there. Want to find out more about Mary-Jean? Check our feature.

What to Pack

Packing for those sun-drenched islands is easy breezy. No trip to these fair islands would be complete without paying homage to the fashion of the past. While togas may be off the menu, women can still channel their inner goddess with white washed wardrobe choices. Stash a pair of sandals in your bag – Cult Gala have a gorgeous pair of leather strap ups – guaranteed to make you feel as light on your feet as Aphrodite. For a more in-depth tailored guide on packing for the glitz of the Greek Islands check out our style guide to the Hellenic seaways.


Make sure that you don’t leave your watch behind. While you may be on island time, it still helps to know when its time for that next mezze platter or late-night party in Mykonos. Our accessory guide has also got you covered.

Where to Party

One word – Mykonos. When it comes to the liveliest island in Greece, all heads and hearts turn towards the glamorous spot of Mykonos. Days are best spent lounging vicariously at Nammos Restaurant and Beach where feminine flowers and Italian umbrellas set a stunning scene.

For late night revelry head to Caprice – the islands favorite cocktail scene placed practically in the water. Here you can sip, swirl and laugh well into the small hours. Find out more about the exclusive drinking, dining and partying scene in Mykonos by checking out our feature destination guide.

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