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The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed will witness Rolls-Royce in its dark and edgy avatar as the Wraith Black Badge and Ghost Black Badge vroom across the famous hillclimb. These versions from Rolls-Royce will be in familiar territory as the location is in close vicinity to the Home of Rolls-Royce.

The Wraith Black Badge

The most powerful Rolls-Royce in the world, the Wraith Black Badge will be showcased at the festival for the uphill run. You can see the car across the various sections of the Hillclimb as well as in the Supercar paddock. With 624hp and an upgrade of 70Nm torque, the car is even more powerful and with changes to the air suspension and gear box it also handles much better. Justin Law will be behind the steering at the festival as he will take the Black Badge Black finished car around the Hillclimb. The interiors of the car are also very rich with a combination of Black and Mugello Red leather.

The Ghost Black Badge

The Ghost Black Badge will be the Rolls-Royce’s course car at the festival. Like the Wraith Black Badge, the car also has exterior finishing with Black Badge Black but the interiors have a combination of Black and Cobalt Blue. The festival car is an upgraded version of the current ghost with 603hp and 60Nm increase in the torque. A special team from the brand will be responsible for the car being driven around the Hillclimb course for the festival weekend.

A lot of custom features have been given to both the cars as they are specifically designed for the event. Everything from the double R badges that invert from Silver to Black as well as the Black starlight headliner is done to give that edgy and glossy black feel to the car. These car are expected to represent the dark Spirit of Ecstasy at the festival. Even the traditionally chrome finished surfaces like the grill have been toned darker.

Rolls Royce 900x600 2

Rolls-Royce Black Badge

This series from Rolls-Royce appeals to a very unique set of its customers. The young, confident and highly demanding set of clients is the target market for this series. The Wraith Black Badge and the Ghost Black Badge can be attributed to the transformation that Rolls-Royce has undergone with its customers since the Wraith and Ghost series were launched by the brand.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge also brings back the intensity of Black. With different shades and tones of the color used in the vehicle, it definitely seems a lot darker and edgier.

Other than the two cars specially designed for the event, there will be a fleet of other Rolls-Royce cars at the event as a lot of VIP guests will be brought to the event from multiple locations in the luxurious vehicles. You can also follow the event and Rolls-Royce on social media with #blackbadge.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed definitely showcases the homecoming of RollsRoyce, in style and in an avatar not known to many!