In just a few days Monaco will be the hub of everything luxurious, rare and expensive. The Monaco Yacht Show features the largest collection of superyachts in the world and it also boasts an exquisite array of automotive superlatives on the Car Deck for the 3rd year.

The Car Deck on Quai Antoine in Port Hercules will have car dreams come real, superior craftsmanship and design, state of the art technology together with visions of the future. Cars that will catch the eye and passion of discerning yacht owners. Gaëlle Tallarida, General Manager of the Monaco Yacht Show said: “The Car Deck reflects the super yachting lifestyle with a display of superlatively luxurious vehicles transformed to order according to their owners’ desires.”

Only about a dozen cars will be on display together with one motorcycle. Ares Design, Brabus, Danton, Hemmels, Midual, Milan Automotive, and Shelby by Gentleman Car will show their limited editions, unique prototypes as well as tailor-made vehicles and hypercars. Some of the cars will be available for test drives by qualified, potential buyers.


Called the Rolls Royce of motorcycles, French manufacturer Midual proofs their bikes are worth the praise. Motorcycles constructed so perfectly that they are compared to Swiss watches.

Milan Automotive

Presenting the falcon of hypercars, the Milan Red, Milan Automotive is a newcomer on the scene. Performance and flair remind of the Bugatti Chiron, but this Austria built masterpiece has a character all of its own.


Brabus is the largest specialist in the transformation of Mercedes cars and will bring a small selection of innovative, tailor-made luxury on four wheels from their classic and modern segments.


For those who appreciate meticulous restoration of timeless classic cars, Hemmels has what it takes to make car enthusiasts drool.  The company specializes in classic Mercedes-Benz and their 300SL Gullwing, the 190 SL or the 280SL convince with pure perfection.

Gentleman Car

For the second time Gentleman Car, the official French dealer of genuine American Shelby cars, will return to the Car Deck and display a Shelby Cobra 289 FIA, Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Continuation, and the clone of the Ford GT40 MKII Continuation that won Le Mans in 1966.