The European Roadshow of the Ferrari Portofino, an exclusive premier that allowed the company’s most faithful fans and collectors to preview the dynamic qualities of the new car in preview, ended in Belfast.

The event visited more than 16 countries and traveled along some of Europe’s most beautiful roads, testing the great versatility and 600 hp of the 8-cylinder engine of the new GT convertible , which places it at the top of its category.

More than 20 examples were used for a trip of over sixty stages, which followed three routes concluding respectively in Warsaw on 24 June, in Stockholm on 14 July and in Belfast on 1 August.

The tour crossed the most diverse landscapes, from the Tuscan hills to the Alpine slopes, from the Côte d’Azur to the Iberian coast, from the German forests to the Bay of Stockholm, all united by driving pleasure and the beauty of the design of the Ferrari Portofino.