F1 lovers are sure to turn starry eyed when they hear the word Monaco. The Monaco Grand Prix is perhaps one of the most celebrated track events in the whole world, blending glitz and glamor with the screech of breathtaking supercars. Yet, it’s not only car enthusiasts who feel a flutter at the thought of the Monaco GP, socialites will all agree – it’s the must attend party of the whole year.

champagne, casinos and supercars at the Monaco GP

There is no other place in the world where you can pamper yourself in French finesse, spend hours in the glitzy casinos, drink copious amounts of champagne onboard billionaire superyachts, and rub shoulders with the rich and famous – all alongside catching the action from the track.

What to Expect

Those who arrive a tad early to the Monaco Grand Prix will be able to catch the trials. Watch in awe as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel soar around the tight knit track. Since 1929 the streets of Monte Carlo have welcomed an array of millionaires all wanting to feel the heat, witness the fury of supercars, and mingle with film stars, movie directors, models, and other glamorous stars who flock to these shores during this time.

feel the speed with VIP trackside action

Guests can choose to be part of the trackside action down on the ground where the atmosphere is electrifying. Those who prefer to catch the race in pure unrefined comfort can select to spend the afternoon on the VIP trackside yacht where champagne breakfasts are served with views right across the Chicane and Tabac Corner.

Another option is to book a table at the Caravelles Rooftop where you can see the whole of the harbor circuit and even the pit lane. A bird’s eye vantage point, lashings of champagne, and Austrian style catering make this a worthy place to catch the action.

Where to Party

lavish yacht parties and rooftop soirees

When the sun sets over the tracks, Monte Carlo turns into a glittering gala with all the stars on show. Monaco Grand Prix parties are legendary and stretch across the yachts in the harbor to the chicest bars and clubs in this French Riviera town. Luxury yacht parties are sure to happening all around Port Hercule with several events companies offering a limited number of tickets for guests who want to indulge in champagne, canapes, celebrity drivers and world class DJ’s.

Yet the hottest ticket in town has to come from the Amber Lounge, a signature GP venue that draws in la crème de la crème of the celebrity crowd. Fashion shows, charity auctions, and the drivers party are all events that happen in this glamorous locale – be sure to score tickets and raise a glass with the Prince of Monaco himself.

party with the prince of monaco at the amber lounge

The Billionaire Club is another fine foray into ultra-sophistication as its name may suggest. Smoke shisha on the luscious rooftop lounge, take a dip in the pool, and nurse cocktails galore as you watch the sun set majestically over the Mediterranean.

Where to Stay

Monte Carlo knows how to slip on its silk white gloves when it comes to impeccable places to stay during the Grand Prix with many five star names to choose from. One of the best hotels in town is the Hotel Hermitage perched lavishly less than a minute away from all the action of the Main Square. The Princely Diamond Suite is the bell of the ball with its 3 bedrooms, terraces, and dressing rooms all draped in sheer French finery. The Diamond Suite is another firm favorite where you can watch the yachts on the harbor from your own terrace jacuzzi.

dramatic luxury at Hotel Hermitage

To sleep on one of the most dramatic hairpin bends of the Monaco Grand Prix means a stay at the Fairmont Hotel. An institution in the world of luxury, this hotel either looks over the race bend or boats views that reach out across the horizon of the sea. For those in town for the race – the Grand Prix suite will deliver those startling trackside views along with seaside sights from its 3 terraces.