Baselworld, an event that brings together like minded business players and aficionados of the watch and jewellery industry. Nonetheless, it’s the largest convention of its kind. Baselworld houses hundreds of exhibitors and famed brands such as Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Breguet and Patek Philippe, that it fast became the most reliable reference for watchmaking trends the moment they are released.

The four day event is a jam-packed one, where watch connoisseurs can witness micro-engineering, innovative wrist-design, horological news and the best of exquisite fine jewellery.

Situated in a central location of Basel, known as the ‘Messeplatz’, the futuristic halls feature innovative metal cladding on the exterior to make way for keen watch-goers. Each of the luxury booths are elegantly furnished, that brands call their home during Baselworld. Attracting discerning buyers and budding journalists, the event goes above and beyond just watch making but also a place for businesses to prosper and partnerships to form.

We’re looking forward to seeing what house hold names will be doing this year, with innovation on the rise each year, we’ve now doubt there will be plenty of surprises. Take Omega’s De Ville Trésor Collection, a standout brand with precision time-telling mechanisms, and style second to none. While Breguet’s latest Grandes Complications encapsulates a simple aesthetic to give it’s impeccable movement the attention it deserves.

Baselworld is a trend-setting pioneer to it’s sector just like Fashion Weeks around the globe are to Milan, Paris, London and New York. So much so that it’s media coverage is the largest for any event on the spectrum – creating a global phenomenon.

Baselworld is a specialist show, but is too open to the public on each of the days between 22 – 27 March 2018. Find out more information on this years event here.