There has long been something dazzling about Montreal; it’s a city that seems to spit out an eclectic mix of artists, bohemians and intellectuals without compromising on its elegant feel. The French flair is sewn into every strand of this city –  from the sweet scent wafting from the boulangerie to the haute cuisine dishes on the menu. The art is fabulous, the fashion highbrow, and the accent irresistible.

It’s no wonder that the Grand Prix vibe fits so snugly in this city. The race track festival feel descends on Montreal from the 7th June and turns the city into a glitzy parade of parties, champagne and Avant Gard fun. From the best exclusive events to where to dine, party and stay – this is your go to guide for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Where to Stay

Old Montreal is a must for anyone visiting for the Grand Prix and beyond. The stunning historical buildings, wobbly cobbled streets, and rich museums stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best boutique hotels in the city, like the Hotel William Gray. This is the place to stay for those seeking to strike the old cultural heart of Canada’s finest city. Check out our guide to Montreal’s hip hotel scene to find out which suites are the sweetest.

Those looking to stay a little longer in the city of arts, poetry and sizzling track action can return later in the year – when the stunning new Four Seasons Residencies are set to be in full swing. An amazing investment for 18 inspired individuals who want to leave their stamp on the city – take a look at why we are stoked for these stunning penthouse playhouses to be finished.

In-between races spend your hours perusing the beautiful boutiques and lapping up history at the Centre Histoire de Montreal. Along the Place Jacques-Cartier you will also find plenty of lush little outdoor cafes and some of the best restaurants that mark Montreal as the culinary capital of cool. Take a quick read of our fabulous foodie guide to the best supper spots and restaurants in Montreal.

What to Pack

Perhaps it’s the French connection that makes one want to dress to impress when it comes to strolling the streets of Montreal. There’s an intriguing and slightly playful feel to fashion in this city; the beatific blend of European formality meets laid back north American style.

Yet, Grand Prix means party season – which means making sure your case is brimming with something that can easily transform casual daytime action with champagne evenings. Our style guide to the Montreal Grand Prix has got you covered, boasting Italian tailored double-breasted blazers by Thom Browne for her and classic cotton shirts with a Japanese edge for him.

We all know that accessories maketh the outfit; our Packouz accessories guide has the go to on which Rolex watches are best for your wrist and sure to steer you to the track on time.

Where to Party

You’ve wined, dined, slept like a dream, packed the perfect clothes and are now out on the town looking for the finest Grand Prix parties. The Bord’Elle Grand Prix party on Thursday 7th is the place to be if you like your events sassy, sexy and celebrating 20’s style.

Photo Credit: Gallery Bord Elle

Those looking to get up close and personal with celebrity clientele, including the F1 drivers should be sure to swing by ABGE at 426 St Gabriel. This is the place where VIP magic happens, with a three day party spirit that starts on the 7th and lasts right until the end of race day.