The island of Cyprus is one of the most sought after destinations to visitors around the world. It’s known for its marvelous beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, it’s enchanting small town culture and customs, and its riveting stories from the past.  Although you’re visiting a location whose medieval walls and roads hold a rich history, it doesn’t mean you can’t acclimate yourself. The laidback vibe of the island is waiting for you to bring a little bit of your own radiance to breathtaking Cyprus.

In his first musical wristwatch creation for men, Ulysse Nardin’s timepiece played the tune “Strangers in the Night,” surprising the jewelry industry with his innovative approach to design. Not long after its success, another watch was released that celebrated the melody of Vivaldi’s “Violin Concerto in E.” Now, this revolutionary new timepiece, Stranger-Vivaldi, marvels with both musical renditions in one beautiful and rich package.

Ulysse Nardin 2

Ulysse Nardin


Looking at the face of this stunning watch, one would clearly see its celebration of technology; hidden within the surface, however, is a celebration for tradition with its throwback reference to the childhood music boxes we knew so well. This balanced approach to modernity paired with the appreciation for subtle simplicity is what makes the wearer of the watch stand out within a crowd.  Made of 45 mm rose gold and stainless steel, flattened pins that move to play the musical sequence, this timepiece is elegant and unrivaled in making a statement, be it on a night out among the historic streets or an afternoon spent on the charter.

If your companion is wearing the Stranger-Vivaldi, you can’t let him outshine your style. That’s why the Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra Timepiece Collection for her should be at the top a serious fashionista’s “must-wear” list.  That is, any fashionista who has an appreciation for the aesthetics of a graceful design. A variety of gorgeous, sparkling, and elegant watches await so that you can demonstrate the one-of-a-kind woman that you are. Whether you try one style or indulge in several to get you through your stay in Cyprus, you will be turning every head that passes by as your wrist catches the light of the sun, moon, stars and anywhere else you happen to be standing.

Van Cleef

Van Cleef and Arpels


Some features within the set are pieces adorned with diamond faced dials, white gold, and satin wrist bands, while others are crafted of mother of pearl, onyx, and yellow gold. The Alhambra Collection is one of the most captivating and magical timepiece collections you’ll ever wear and will certainly be the most lavish anyone on the island of Cyprus may ever lay eyes on.

All fashion accessories have their place in life, but timepieces are the ones that have, for so many years, allowed wearers to consistently show personal style in any environment. A signature watch is an essential piece for any outing, big or small; this means your Cyprus holiday is no exception. The way to make a splash on this once in a lifetime extravaganza of a vacation is to break out the big show-stopping pieces like these and others mentioned in the Virtual Valise. Watches that have an extra special flair shouldn’t be wasted on anything less than extraordinary.


Catherine Mitchell

Catherine is a freelance travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle writer from Connecticut.

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