British Virgin Islands: Mehson!

Style in the BVI is casual, but that doesn’t translate to slouch. It means you can go all out for color, unusual cut and print, and experiment with whatever wild island look suits your mood. Evenings are casual as well, with very few posh spots requiring dinner jackets. If you’re planning a special event on board your luxury yacht charter, tuck in a stylish black dinner jacket to wear with white jeans. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and pick your favorites to pack for a “mehson” holiday!

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano

Crazy stylish Agua Bendita tickles your fancy with a whimsical beaded, lace-trimmed, cool and casual print monokini. Sauvage makes a range of board shorts that fit in perfectly with a BVI itinerary, like the Boardwalk in aqua.

Sauvage Swimwear Boardwalk Surf Short

Sauvage Swimwear Boardwalk Surf Short

Christian Siriano’s 2015 resort collection features a clutch of casual choices with bright prints and crisp details. Lots of options include skirts, pants, shorts, and dresses. For him, the epitome of Caribbean leisure is the Tommy Bahama camp shirt, like the Costa de Relaxo embroidered international fit in cream or blue.

Tommy Bahama Costa de Relaxa Camp Shirt

For the clearest lenses on the planet that give you unbelievable views of the water, Costa del Sol is an impeccable choice. For style and craftsmanship that’s ahead of the pack, pick the Conch for him and the Miss Britt for her.

Casual even at night, the BVI runway keeps it light and fun. For him, an Armani G Line textured jacket can pair with matched trousers, or top a solid pair of jeans and a tee, with Armani loafers. For her, Christian Siriano stripes it up with brilliant hues that wrap a strapless bodice and asymmetric skirt in a pretty, shiny pout.





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