Colorful, Casual, and Chic: What to Wear in the USVI

The cerulean waters of the United States Virgin Islands, along with its uber-agreeable climate, are open invitations to experiment with color and fashion. Whether enjoying the day on board your private luxury yacht charter, or heading out to the beaches of St. Jean or St. Croix for a little bashment + bamboushay, these are the essentials to pack.

You may want to brush up a bit on your Crucian, too. Add the helpful little guide ‘Say it Like a Crucian’ from Antilles Press to your packing list. Word to the wise: don’t try to use it, just understand it. Unless you’ve got the heritage to back it, these easy going, jovial folks will never believe you were ‘baan ya.’

Lenny Niemeyer puts pop into pretty with a maxi flower print from his Botanic Collection for his 2015 resort collection for her. Orlebar Brown designs tailored trunks with photographic prints that fly high, like these Atacaman Conde Nast Traveler blues for him.



Visionaries of vision, Christian Roth’s newest titanium sunglasses consider all the angles with flawless design and craftsmanship. These two cool silhouettes, the Vision XXL in ‘burned orange’ for her, and the T-mask in gold for him, are epic eyewear at its best.

The USVI is all about casual. Set yourself apart with superb tailoring and style from designers that know how to transition during travel. A jacket or sweater that disappears with your first step, from the plane into the palms, keeps the look perfect for the island. Etro created an impeccable lineup for men in their 2015 resort collection, including this silk zip jacket and squared trousers, finished with sharp duotone loafers. Bottega Veneta does likewise for her with their resort 2015 collection, picking beautiful colors and trim silhouettes that travel well.

If there’s one place to wear color, it’s the Virgin Islands by night. Take a page from Etro’s dramatic turquoise lineup with this stylish yet casual double-breasted suit. Bottega Veneta also does drama, perfectly complementing his colorful attire with something beautiful for her: a sophisticated, long, effortless flow of black and white. Both good choices for dining at the Bleuwater or the Old Stone Farmhouse in Charlotte Amalie.



For her, the perfect reminder of island time comes from Cartier’s floral marquetry parrot on the dial of a luxurious diamond studded timepiece. For him, nothing says performance, both in and on the water, better than IWC’s Aquatimer Edition Expedition Charles Darwin, complete with bronze case that ages with a graceful patina like the fittings on a fine yacht.

Don’t want to carry the big, hard-sided luggage to this light, airy island? Take a peek at this fabulous nylon and leather luggage from BMW, in champagne or black, with all sorts of shapes and sizes to choose from. Discrete branding and solid craftsmanship make these bags a lovely change of pace for those wishing an understated travel profile.


Kathleen Turner

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