Côte d’Azur : Pack Only Your Best

Oh, mon cher, the Côte d’Azur is divine for reason upon reason, one of which is fashion. Tracing this magnificent French coastline rimming the Mediterranean you’ll find the most stylish yachting crowd around. This Best of Yachting essentials checklist should help you pack a powerful valise in the style of Southern France.

The French do swimwear as deliciously as they do croissants, wine, and crème brulee. Hermes delivers fabulous Cote d’Azur bikini/scarf/coverup combinations that capture the very essence of the ocean and give it a French accent. For a Mediterranean luxury yacht charter, we suggest their Mythique Phoenix bikini and tunic, but beautiful combinations await your personal selection. Swim for him should do everything right, as illustrated by this Vilbrequin nod to form and function.

Hermes Mystique Phoenix BikiniTunic

Mystique Phoenix Swimwear

Perfect protection for les yeux from Cote d’Azur sun, Dior’s new metallic shades in pink and gold continue the French influence. For him, Cazal’s timeless originals with gold detail keep the view handsome from both sides of the lens.


Dior’s Metallic Shades For Her Cazal’s Eyewear For Him

Days are casual on the Cote d’Azur, but men should keep long pants and jackets handy, as many establishments require them, particularly the French casinos in Monte Carlo. For an appealing Cote d’Azur casual look appropriate by day, follow Michael Kors’ advice and opt for a slim white pant, paired with black silk tee. Carry along a black sport coat. Go all white if the season’s right. Daytime for her can’t be anything but chic in this stylish white edge from Dior.

Christian Dior1

Gild the lily with this exquisite Oscar Heyman Platinum 3 ct diamond ring, in a radiant bloom for a slender finger on a special evening.

Oscar Heyman Platinum 3 ct Diamond Ring

Oscar Heyman Platinum 3 ct Diamond Ring

For him, add the Rolex Tudor Heritage Chrono in blue, melding details of a traditional past with the future, delivering a timepiece with a dramatic presence. A splendid way to accentuate your style, the Tudor Heritage generates the warmth of the Mediterranean in a glamorous, unpretentious work of art.

Rolex Tudor Heritage Chrono in Blue

Rolex Tudor Heritage Chrono in Blue

For those invitation-only formal evenings, Faconnable Collection’s look # 12 is an exceptionally updated and versatile profile for him, or choose Lanvin’s classic white line as did Chris Brown in a Grammy Award look. Finish it off with Christian Laboutin’s embroidered slip on.

Lanvin's Classic White Line

Lanvin’s Classic White Line

There are so many reasons the French adore Dior. Click into formal chic for her to see one of them with this weightless Dior gown in black.

Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014

Dior Gown in Black

The charming footnote is from Christian LaBoutin in the beautiful, red-soled Suspenodo. Remember, as fond as we all are of stilettos, they are a definite no-go on a yacht. Barefoot dancing, however, decidedly is.





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