The Formula 1 tour is crossing the Atlantic and is hitting Québec’s largest city, Montreal. Famed for its innovative arts scene, cultured cuisine and of course, its Grand Prix track; Montreal it Canada’s answer to a cultural hotspot. Evoking scenes of 18th century Europe, its equally remained true to itself; as a forward thinking city with an urban fashion scene and inhabitants full of life. Whats on your wrist is just as important as to whats in your suitcase for a trip to this city, which is why our Packouz accessories guide will keep you stepping in time.

Photo Courtesy Pedro Szekely Flickr

For Him

While Toronto might trump Montreal for its economic power, Montreal boasts a plethora of multi-talented linguists. Home to an old French-inspired port its only natural this city will bring out those wandering eyes, so make the most of explorer in you with the Rolex Explorer II.

First released in 1971 with a character of its own, the Explorer II quickly became the number one choice for polar and jungle explorers. Although we know you won’t be doing that this trip, this timepiece does come with a number of nifty features.

Considered a sports watch for extreme conditions, the design is uniquely versatile for track days as it is for a sunset dinner at the old port. Equipped with a 24-hour display and dedicated hand circles that have been enlarged for better visibility. The latest model also features an orange 24-hour hand for a pop of color.

Wear yours under a three-piece with a plain tee and with your gym wear for a morning jog.

For Her

Taking a wealth of architectural heritage from its European descendants, Montreal knows how to keep ahead of the game when it comes to innovation. Designed as a modern version of the classic timepiece the Rolex Lady Datejust retains functionality as well as aesthetics.

Incorporate yours into your feminine-urban style for a weekend in the city. Notable for its traditional Rolesor style and recognisable for its movement the Lady Datejust combines classicism with modernism.

Featuring the jubilee bracelet, champagne-color dial and iconic 2236 movement this timepiece is an investment well made for every occasion at the Grand Prix.

Wear it with cool-girl vibe pants and tee or dress it up with a tailored evening look ready for the Grand Prix’s most exclusive parties.