Men’s Fashion Week are the three words on everyone’s lips at the moment. Some of the fashion industry’s highlights of the whole entire year can come from their stylish menswear, and for those special times, you need to look your best! Who knows, maybe you will have a photo taken of you in your stylish outfit?

Having a spot-on Fashion Week outfit is not necessarily having the boldest, craziest outfit out there. If you still want to look smart yet respect your own style identity, then look no further, as we have some great outfit inspiration for you!

Rock And Roll Vibes

…. Made smart! Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about getting the leather jacket and Doc Martens out. There is a slight retro touch to this outfit, that will still make you feel like a rock star. A crisp white tee makes the outfit a bit more down to Earth, allowing for the shearling Aviator jacket to do all the talking! You will definitely look like model material in this ensemble!

Adam Gallagher (I am Galla) has also worn a similar look, but he has opted for a black roll neck and black jeans to make it a little dressier. Even more perfect for Fashion Week!

Rock And Roll Vibes

Credit: Isaac Likes

saac has got it right again with this outfit – though it was to launch Mr Porter’s own brand, we think it is perfect for Fashion Week. Sports-Luxe was one of our favorite trends of 2017 and it is here to stay! The preppy side to the coat, along with the sporty edge of the sweatshirt, make a powerful combination. Throw on some dramatic sunglasses and perfect the outfit with some leather brogues!

Smarten Up

Lorenzo Liverani has impeccable taste, it’s no surprise that huge designers like Dior and Calvin Klein flock to him! That is why he is the ideal person to go to for outfit inspiration. He knows how to dress smart but keep it fresh and new. In this outfit, he is wearing pieces that you already have in your wardrobe – but in different shades of one color. Teaming indigo, navy and denim blue together is a daring but aesthetically-pleasing combination.

Another way to dress smart is like Eliezer Infante, creator of the North of Man blog. Wearing a bold suit may seem like a move out of your comfort zone, but teamed with more basic pieces, like a crisp white shirt, sunglasses, and your favorite shoes, doesn’t seem so daunting. You will be super edgy and feel like you should be rocking that catwalk too!

Vintage Vibes

Corduroy is another element of the retro trend that you just have to try! Embrace the 60s feel with a corduroy shirt or Adam Gallagher’s case, jacket. It will keep you warm all whilst ticking those boxes! Pair it with black jeans, because, yes, you can wear navy blue and black now, it is no longer a touchy subject, and brown Chelsea boots to add a bit of texture.

And What About Chinos?

Credit: What My Boyfriend Wore

Chinos are a must-have for your wardrobe. They instantly dress up an outfit, even if it is just a slogan tee and sneakers you are combining them with. For Sergio Ines’ outfit, the chinos keep in with the smartness of the shirt, but all whilst having a more relaxed feel. Throw over a sweater and let the collar pop out for a preppy feel. How to look dapper in a flash!