If you’re planning on taking a trip over to beautiful Corsica, you need to plan accordingly so that your style will be the envy of the elite crowd.  Corsica, an island caught between the rich cultures of France and Italy, is a dream location for some of the most beautiful and exclusive views of the Mediterranean. Whether you are planning to spend the day relaxing on the soft sands of Corsica’s many beaches, or heading out for lunch at a quaint and elegant bistro, it is imperative that you show up with the latest and greatest in eyewear.

Having the perfect pair of sunglasses to compliment your beach and leisure attire is an essential when traveling to Corsica. Elizabeth and James Limited Edition Valenti Sunglasses for her make a statement no matter where you choose to wear them.

Whether you wear them to do some shopping at some of Corsica’s boutiques, or just want to relax on the deck of your yacht, these sunglasses are the epitome of luxury and decadence.  Each pair is embossed with 18K gold and comes with a detachable gold-plated chain.

Elizabeth and James have designed these sunglasses perfectly for you, matching and accentuating your chic style to give you that sophisticated, prosperous look you need for this beautiful island.

If you’re planning on doing some running or cycling in between opulent lunches and lounging afternoons at the beach, you cannot go wrong with the style and forward-thinking new Recon Jet sunglasses.


Recon Jet Sunglasses

Recon Jet Sunglasses

These ahead of their time technological marvels put a great wealth of tools right at the end of your nose.  In no time, these sunglasses will become your trainer, your exercise personal assistant.  With little but the flick of a finger, you can track your location via GPS, as well as keep track of your progress.  These revolutionary sunglasses can also monitor temperature, elevation, humidity, and multitudes of other pieces of information that will help you get the most out of your ride or run.  The built in HD camera allows you to film the scenery as you go so you can enjoy it later, and the sunglasses can easily be paired with a smartphone to enhance your experience.

Recon Jet sunglasses B

Recon Jet Technology


If you truly want to make the most out of your workout while you are enjoying your vacation in Corsica, then these are the glasses for you. Also, if just enjoying the view is more your style, these sunglasses will free up your hands and be a great gadget for your daytime adventures at sea or on land, capturing the memorable moments spent on the island of Corsica.

Make sure the rest of your look is up to the standard set by your high-end eyewear picks by perusing the Virtual Valise for other must-have accessories choices that will make you sizzle in the Corsica sun.