Stun in these Stunners at the Grand Prix

You’ve managed to get the most coveted seat to the world famous Monaco Grand Prix, but in the process of earning yourself this honor you’ve also earned yourself some responsibility to shine. While millions of people sit glued to their television screens from their living rooms or perched atop a stool at a local bar, or even as the other several hundred thousand spectators with birds-eye-views from restaurant and casino balconies or VIP seating enjoy the races, you’ll be watching from the most sought after spot in Monaco. Situated on the soothing blue waters, it’s your job to impress your own spectators with the latest trends, styles, and intrigues that eyewear has to offer.

As you relax on your chartered yacht to enjoy the sun and fun, remember that you’re in Monaco at a world famous venue sharing the same view as the rich and famous; you are royalty for the weekend and must dress to impress. Two great sunglasses choices, one for him and one for her, are on the market that are sure to set your race-day look apart from the masses and garner some onlookers of your own.


Versace Studded Cat Eye Sunglasses

Versace Studded Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Studs Ladies Black Cat-Eye by Versace channels your appreciation for the finer things in life. Whether worn with a sensual swimsuit or flirtatious dress, the glasses will exhibit your fun-loving, lighthearted personality as a girl who just wants to have fun at the races but doesn’t forget that her image is worth a million bucks. Some noteworthy features of the frames are of course the signature Versace logo at the sides of the spectacles. Among it’s other embellishments are 63 golden colored studs that surround the front frames and another 8 that adorn the temples. The spiral, pyramid, sphere, and triangle shapes add a touch of whimsy to these glamorous shades.


Chrome Hearts Balthy Sunglasses

Chrome Hearts Balthy Sunglasses

SungSFor men, make your time spent in Monte Carlo the opportunity to push your style gears to the limit by wearing the Chrome Hearts “Balthy” Sunglasses as you watch the races, sunbathe on the deck, or just to spice up your chic attire at dusk. Contemporary, sophisticated, and distinct in style, this pair of gentlemen’s eyewear includes patent, metal, gray, and silver details that will make you be the standout at the party. Spend your days and nights on your very own racer wearing the shades that will make you the most desirable man at sea.

Watching the Grand Prix from the harbor gives a stunning perspective of the most iconic race in the world but also gives you the laid back lifestyle you’d experience on a cruise vacation among the azure seas. To top off your easy going style, pair your sunglass choices with looks from the Virtual Valice.  Your visit to Monaco is going to be upscale, and so should match the ease with which you showcase your fashion prowess.






Catherine Mitchell

Catherine is a freelance travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle writer from Connecticut.

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