Precious Cargo: The Best Offerings in Luxury Luggage and Bags

A trip to the Monaco Grand Prix means a lot of things. There will be day trips to see the historic sites and beautiful architecture of Monte-Carlo, evenings spent in extravagant casinos with panoramic views of the city, and of course the hours you will spend at La Condamine aboard your luxury yacht, which will work as your home base for the duration of your stay. With a diverse offering of attractions, sites, and activities, you need to be sure you are well prepared for your stay with all the items you need for whatever occasion arises. Your luggage and bags for your trip to Monaco should be both functional and fashionable among this trend-setting and fashion conscious arena.

Since most of your time will be spent on the Mediterranean waters sunbathing or watching the Grand Prix races from the upper deck, you’ll only need one essential tote to keep your personal items by your side. An added bonus is when the bag can easily transition into a phenomenal statement piece for nights out. When it comes to finding the highest quality and most coveted bags that will always impress, look no further than Gucci. The Jackie Soft Crocodile Top Handbag for Her encompasses timelessness and grace.


Gucci Jackie Soft Crocodile Top Handbag

Making reference to style icon Jackie Onassis, this Gucci tote represents the legendary aspects of its namesake.  A classic, yet modern design made of black crocodile by the most talented Italian craftsman includes a soft touch of leather and velvet matched with glamorous visual details unsurpassed by other bags on the market. These features will make you proud to carry all your most precious belongings with you anywhere you go, be it land or sea.

When traveling both near and far, quality luggage is a necessity. Foster and Son’s Bespoke Luggage fits the bill to transport all your shoes, apparel, and accessories to the site of the Grand Prix. Known for their 175 years of heritage in leather goods, these handcrafted English cases offer unique designs and unparalleled quality.  The origin of the word “Bespoke” refers to something that people are talking about. Over the years the meaning has become a way to reference something custom made by hand. While the meaning of the word changed, the outcome is still the same: anyone carrying Foster and Son’s Bespoke Luggage will surely have their names on the tongues of passerby’s.

Foster and Son’s Bespoke Luggage

Foster and Son’s Bespoke Luggage

Any number of this week’s Virtual Valise items can be packed in your Bespoke luggage or carried in your Gucci tote for your enchanting escape to Monaco. Being prepared for a great trip is one thing, but doing so with the most opulent and current luggage pieces will solidify your VIP status at the Grand Prix.

Catherine Mitchell

Catherine is a freelance travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle writer from Connecticut.

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