Natural beauty, astounding landscapes, glitzy cities, and glamorous beaches are just some of the reasons to visit the French island of Corsica. Truly unique in its culture and leisurely offerings, this one of a kind hotspot is tailored to the lash lifestyle you know and love.

There are so many activities to partake in that call for you to make a statement with your presence and with your polished style.  Everything from touring the Citadel and other breathtaking cities, visiting museum’s that showcase the works of 14th through 19th century artists, taking in a French wine and cheese tasting, and enjoying the Mediterranean breeze as you sunbath on your chartered ship; these activities will all be a part of your luxury Corsica getaway. Wherever your day or night activity brings you, be sure to show up in your most exclusive and high-end fashion finds.

Richard Mille Ultraflat Tourbillion

A Richard Mille’s timepiece is the perfect match for a rendezvous in Corsica. The Ultraflat Tourbillion for Him screams modernity, class, and strength. The boxed shape of the watch’s face differs from the traditional aesthetic we are accustomed to in wrist-ware, easily catching the eye due to its innovative design. The themes of motorsports and sailing were combined to create the inspiration of sleek lines, intricate mechanics, and a flat surface that is both comfortable and luxurious on the wrist. Adorned with sapphire crystals, a titanium torque crown for dialing, and a smooth, black, leather strap, this timepiece will suit you beautifully whether enjoying the delicious flavors of the island at dinnertime or spending the morning sailing the blue seas.

For women looking to make her imprint on the island, choosing an inspired and grandiose watch is the way to go. Also from Richard Mille’s collection is the Tourbillion Phoenix for Her. Unlike any other timepiece you’ll come upon, the Phoenix takes on a fantasy role as it tells the myth of one who, when fallen into ashes, rises up again to breath new life. The story of the phoenix is representative of strength, perseverance, and survival, all characteristics Richard Mille and collaborator, actress Michelle Yeoh, hoped to portray.

Richard Mille’s Tourbillion Phoenix

Richard Mille’s Tourbillion Phoenix

In exhibiting a strong persona, the beauty of the phoenix is showcased as well through primarily the centered location of the bird itself made from polished 18k white and rose gold, titanium and sapphire jewels. The jewels continue to decorate the entirety of the timepiece, with the sleek black strap and central, mechanical architectural design being the rare exceptions. The woman who wears this watch in Corsica can expect to be the envy of every other person on the beach, in the museums and walking among the charming city streets.

Let your escapades in Corsica be a well-rounded time filled with relaxation, excitement, adventure, and a wealth of the finer things in life. Your Richard Mille watch, and the other fabulous finds in the Virtual Valise this week, are the perfect compliments to bring out the best in all of these activities and more.

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