Fijian Fashion: Superior Style That Translates into Any Language

Some say all they need to pack for a Fijian holiday is a suit to swim in. While we understand perfectly, we know there are a few other things you might want to tuck into your bags prior to departure for your next luxury yacht charter experience. Here’s our list of basics for a fabulous holiday in Fiji.

Robert Graham designs luxury swimwear for him with a gentle twist that lightens things up a bit. Choose something subtle, like the Driftwood, or go truly bold with one of the exotic and wild, all-over prints. For her, Agua Clara knows just how much to cover for an absolutely stunning swim profile. This exotically sophisticated swimsuit was part of the 2018 collection at 2017 Miami Swim Week.

The ultimate shades designed by Maybach, outfitted with Carl Zeiss polarized lenses, with buffalo horn temples and solid titanium fittings will become an absolute necessity. For her, these luxe Linda Farrow frames give a flawless performance.


Zuhair Murad’s superb designs for her from the 2015 resort collection lead to incredible attention from all the right people. Choose suit, casual, or dress, but all show just the right things in just the right places. For him, Onio designs great alternatives for comfortable cruising. Stylish, well-made, and perfectly proortioned, Onio is fast becoming a trend among those who cruise.

Maximum style for him comes with this effortless look from John Varvatos’ Long-Sleeve V-Neck Shirt in White. With her strutting alongside in this beaded Zuhair Murad jumpsuit, embellished with white and gold embroidery, this is a match made in fashion heaven. Perfect for a private evening aboard your luxury yacht charter, or for an exclusive night out on one of the exclusive island retreats.

It would be grand to lose all track of time, but once in a while, even on these languid islands, one needs to know where they stand on the clock. For him, this Patek Philippe Aquanaut is stylish, functional, and exceptionally reliable. For her, a stunning Bvlgari serpenti circles the wrist with a luxurious twist of metal, diamonds, and gems, adapted to a sleek serpent design. Choose from a library of styles embracing gold, rose, and steel, with a range of settings.



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