When the world collectively fell head over heels for pouting goddess Brigitte Bardot in the iconic 1956 film Et Dieu… Créa la Femme (And God Created Woman), St-Tropez simultaneously went from unassuming fishing village to extravagant coastal destination. From the famous star-studded beaches to the gaudy seaside food and drink establishments, St-Tropez maintains its status as the crown jewel of the French Riviera and the pinnacle of all things luxury. It’s a destination where high-profile visitors – from Russian billionaires to Hollywood A-listers – show up by the yachtful, hoping to soak in the enchanting seaside melodies and where boats are simply ingrained as part of the everyday lifestyle. St-Tropez is a world-renowned socialite’s playground, all but synonymous with glamour, sophistication and luxury – the good life – where you’ll want to come fashionably prepared. 

Michael Kors

Seaside Brunch

Along the Mediterranean coast lie dozens of enchanting beach clubs, restaurants and wine bars, but among the most famous is Le Club 55. Since its opening in 1955, the iconic restaurant has become a favorite among the rich and famous, with its famous brunch option having served the likes of Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson. Despite its location on the sandy shores of the Plage de Pampelonne, remember St-Tropez has no interest in flat summer sandals – it’s all about wearing your heels to the beach.

Crafted from an intricately-laced floral pattern, this matching Floral Lace Top and Skirt set from Michael Kors is the perfect head-to-toe look for few mimosas under the sun while the carefree and colorful nod to beach season suits the coastal breeze of the French Riviera well. To balance the look, consider a pair of platform sandals such as the Tara Floral Embellished Leather Platform Sandal from Michael Kors and this Salvatore Ferragamo Thalia Shoulder Bag

Sunday Somewhere

Shopping Along Rue François Sibilli

Despite the meager population of just 5,000 permanent residents, St-Tropez unsurprisingly has everything you could possibly need when it comes to shopping. Along Rue François Sibilli you have your classic designer stores – Louis Vuitton, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi and more all have flagships located along the iconic promenade, but find everything from charming open-air markets, lesser known brands and chic boutiques scattered throughout Places des Lices, Rue Gambetta and Rue Allard. While most small French towns are characterized for their local bakeries and cozy cafés, St-Tropez provides the glitz and glamour that’s become synonymous with the French Riviera.

Lightweight and rimless, these Sunday Somewhere Delilah Square Framed Glasses are delightful and elegant while paying homage to the classic look of oversized sunglasses. Cruise down the pastel-hued street in an airy and light jumpsuit such as this Mih Jeans Side-Button Jumpsuit or this Closed Striped Playsuit and you’re sure to attract the right kind of attention in the process.


Evening Cocktails

From the extravagant list of cocktails found at Le Quai to the peaceful tranquility of the White Bar in the White 1921 Hotel, St-Tropez has a number cocktail venues in which you’re sure to find something that piques your interest. As you might expect, when the sun goes down, you can expect to find visitors dressed as if they’re on their way to the Met Gala or Red Carpet, despite if a strict dress code is actually enforced or not.

This Balmain Embellished Stretch-Knit Maxi Dress is the ultimate look of sophistication in the form of a long black dress designed for a very close fit. With a mid-weight knit it’s an excellent option that will have you looking neither underdressed or overdressed, whichever establishment you find yourself in. Pair it with the matching Balmain Striped Leather Bag, with its black and white leather and gold trims providing the perfect extension of the glamorous and high-octane look that has come to define St-Tropez. Finish the look off with a crisp pair of white heels such as these Saint Laurent Tower 110 Pumps or these Jimmy Choo Lucy 100 Pumps.

Orlebar Brown

Exploring the Old Port

Whether you’re docked in St-Tropez for a few weeks or you’re simply passing through for a couple of days, the Vieux Port is a must-see for any visit. Explore the historic Citadel of Saint-Tropez and Le Musée de l’Annonciade (France’s first modern art museum), while excellent seafood restaurants such as L’Opéra can be found in abundance. It’s certainly a long day on the Riviera and one can easily spend an entire day getting lost in the charming alleyways of the old port.

There’s perhaps no better place to embrace your inner French sailor than, well, the French Riviera, and this Orlebar Brown Travis Camp-Collar Striped Terry Shirt is the perfect laid back option that has the cool nonchalance that is found throughout St-Tropez. The shirt gives off a vintage 60s vibe whereas the soft and absorbent cotton terry will have you feeling cool under the Mediterranean sun. While you’re already on the vintage vibe, pair it with a pair of retro round frames, such as these Cubitts Guilford Round-Frame in Gold-Tone or these Eyevan 7285 Round-Frame in Silver-Tone.

Ted Baker

Wining & Dining

A nation already known for its world-class dining scene, St-Tropez really takes this to another level completely. From Michelin Starred establishments such as La Vague d’Or, which operates under the imaginative lead of Arnaud Donckele and Le Girelier, a modernized seaside shanty on the port, St-Tropez has no intention of providing anything less than spectacular. From the freshly-caught seafood and great-tasting wine to the jaw-dropping presentation, dining doesn’t get much better than in the French Riviera – and the clientele are predictably excessive.

This Ted Baker AMBANJ Wool Suit Jacket is the perfect slim-fit option that features a cut of sophistication that sits above the rest. Layer over a simple Striped Cotton T-Shirt for a casual look with a slight nod toward the French sailor, while finishing off the look with these Ted Baker THAWNE Burnished Leather Sneakers and you won’t regret it.


Lost in Time

A place that’s seemingly stuck in the late 60s and early 70s when the town first became a premier jet-setting destination, St-Tropez is a place where classic always prevails. Just think of the clientele that St-Tropez attracts with mega-yachts showing up on the daily. When it comes to topping off your outfit, think timeless and exquisite.

The Zenith Pilot Type 20 is the aviator-inspired choice that will be handy no matter how you arrive, whereas the Rolex GMT-Master II is simply the undisputed classic for a high-profile destination like St-Tropez.