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Hublot Taipei 101 2nd Floor

The Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot is holding a tribute Exhibition with the Bruce Lee Foundation called “Be Water My Friend- to honor the legend Bruce Lee. The exhibition will run from March 31st to April 10th in Taipei 101. The Bruce Lee philosophy-themed exhibition displays precious items that Bruce Lee owned himself, as well as a variety of Hublot limited edition timepieces. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, Doze Niu, Taiwanese director launch the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Be Water Limited Edition as a tribute to the Kung Fu superstar.

For the “Be Water My Friend- the legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition”, Hublot invited the Bruce Lee Foundation to display precious items from Bruce Lee’s personal life, and participated in the exhibition design. Advocating “the Art of Fusion,” Loic Biver said, “As an icon of the 20th century and the most iconic Kung Fu star in history, Bruce Lee embodies the real ‘art of fusion’ of East-West culture. Hublot is honored to hold the ‘Be Water My Friend- legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition’ and launch the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Be Water Limited Edition as a tribute to this legendary icon.”


Doze Niu, Taiwanese director for launch of the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Be Water Limited Edition

Shannon Lee said: “As a nonprofit organization, the Bruce Lee Foundation inspires confidence and motivates action through the message of Bruce Lee.  We are grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition in collaboration with Hublot to benefit our foundation. I look forward to sharing my father’s spirit and philosophy with the people of Taipei. The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering, and I thank Hublot for immortalizing the spirit of my father within this beautiful timepiece while also supporting the Bruce Lee Foundation!”

Bruce Lee Hublot 2

Hublot Taipei 101 2nd Floor

The exhibition displays personal items belonging to Bruce Lee. They include a Tang-style Kung Fu jacket that carries the martial arts spirit of Bruce Lee, a genuine copy of the “Way of the Dragon” script, a replica of the life mask of Kato in “The Green Hornet“, and the business card for the Bruce Lee Martial Arts Studio founded by Bruce Lee.

Additionally, thanks to its innovative approach, guests can experience the « Bruce Lee Mirror, a cylindrical glass photo  frame featuring Bruce Lee’s classic  kung  fu postures. Made of glass fragments, it plays on 3D special effects, integrating the Hublot  Unico In-House chronograph movement and Bruce Lee in the same time and space. There is also a display of the most representative classic photos of Bruce Lee selected by the Foundation. Hublot adopts the ultramodern design  to  present the watch images in  six  external showcases, symbolizing  the heritage of Bruce Lee’s spirit and his iconic martial arts philosophy.

Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Be Water – Limited Edition

 Inspired by the dragon pattern on Bruce Lee’s desk, this tribute possesses the spirit of the martial arts legend and the pure DNA of Hublot. A limited edition of 100 pieces, feature a tonneau case in all-black microblasted ceramic. The timepiece is fitted with HUB4700- an automatic winding skeletonized movement with a 50-hour power reserve. The date display window is at 4:30 and the chronograph displays seconds at 9 o’clock, minutes at 3 o’clock and hours at 6 o’clock. Recalling Bruce Lee’s philosophy of water, the strap is made of blue alligator leather sewn on natural rubber with retail price NTD 922,000.


Bruce Lee and Hublot Present the Fusion Between East and West 

As the most influential legend and superstar, Bruce Lee was the best embodiment of fusion of East and West. As a pioneer, he was the first Chinese martial artist that promoted Chinese Kung Fu to the world. He was active his entire life in East-West cultural communication. Ever since its establishment in Nyon, Switzerland 1980, Hublot has always been moving forward as a groundbreaking pioneer, breaking through traditional concepts, boldly combining tradition with modernity, connecting the past with the future and creating many “Firsts”.

Bruce Lee first broke the traditional sectarianism in the world of martial arts, boldly combined Taoist philosophy from the East with Wing Chun, Western boxing, karate and taekwondo to create Jeet Kune Do, which is exactly the “Art of Fusion” that Hublot-embodies. With the combination of a natural rubber strap and precious metal materials, Hublot makes an epoch-making innovation in the history of watchmaking. Since then, each fusion of material, East and West, will produce stunning breakthroughs and innovations.


Bruce Lee Hublot 3Bruce Lee’s legacy is not limited to the martial arts, but also ideas and philosophy. This is one of the reasons why people still respect him as a martial artist and philosopher. Bruce Lee explained the Jeet Kune Do philosophy that he had created as a process of exploration, self-discovery and the growth of a soul. Hublot believes in the natural forces that come from the natural energy of the universe. The creation of Big Bang watches was born from precisely this idea. In exploring the fusion concept between minerals and phytochemicals, Hublot focused on time, expanding watchmaking philosophies. The art of fusion does not only occur in the above two areas, the fusion of sky and the earth, the fusion of tradition and innovation also occur all the time.

“Be Water My Friend- The Legend of Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition” Date: April 1st to April 10th , 2016

Time: 11:00 to 21:00

Location: Hublot Taipei 101 2nd Floor