In the Spirit of Things: Style at the Concours d’Elegance

While the focus during the Concours d’Elegance is the exquisite collection of cars, do not for one moment underestimate the importance of style on the Pebble Beach Golf Links fairway. Competing with these 200 beauties on display, perfectly polished and styled to the hilt, is a true challenge.

With insight from Flexjet’s Vice President of Owner Experience Megan Wolf, we at The Best of Yachting have taken her lead on what to wear once you’re there and expanded on her suggestions with some clever links to help you pack all you need for the perfect weekend.

Themed Period Attire

The Concours d’Elegance inspires some of the most elegant, 1920s-era fashions, with guests donning flapper dresses, driving goggles, gloves, and long jackets. Who doesn’t love a beaded, fringed frock with the superior detailing of that indulgent era? The event rewards the look, welcoming those who embrace the spirit of the day and encouraging the practice. Make it even more sporting by dropping a picnic blanket and opening a posh luncheon spread, Champagne flutes and all, celebrating like F. Scott Fitzgerald.

No Spikes on the Fairway

Fashionable footwear often involves spike heels for the ladies, but knowing you’ll be navigating a golf course fairway, wedges, flats, and sandals will prove the smart choice. There are new little gadgets fashioned of transparent plastic that come in a variety of shapes that attach to stilettos, designed to keep spikes from driving down into the lawn. If you simply want good footing, however, choose a stylish wedge or sexy sandal to complement your look. For men, stylish loafers or Italian driving shoes win the day.

From the Top Down

Millinery is in vogue on the fairway, perhaps even outdoing the chic hats at the Kentucky Derby. A shadeless fairway can prove punishing to skin, hair, and carefully applied cosmetics, so consider a chapeau or parasol that not only completes an elegant look, but protects your natural assets.

Taming the Temperatures

Days can be long on the Monterey Peninsula, with big temperature swings that feature a sultry afternoon, sandwiched by a significant chill in the morning and evening hours. Pack a pashmina wrap, light sweater, or jacket to ensure comfortable attendance any hour of the day.

Squinting, Chatting, and Other Details

You won’t want to miss out on a single VIP view, and peeking through a squint will only get you so far. Pack a top-tech pair of binoculars or opera glasses to ensure you’ve got things in focus. You might even choose a pair that feature a digital camera or video feature in case you’d like to savor the moment with a snap as you scan the scene.

Additionally, it’s tough to look chic if you’re frantically searching for a place to recharge while on the fairway. A portable backup or solar charger for your phone and other essentials is a smart addition to your list, as golf courses rarely boast charging stations. Small, powerful, and packable, these gadgets will save your skin without hunting down an outlet.

Top Flight Accessorizing

Flexjet Gulfstream G450

What accessory enhances your lifestyle more than a luxuriously appointed private jet? Fractional private jet provider Flexjet ensures arrival in high style at the Monterey Jet Center FBO in your personal or VIP air charter. They’ve been pampering passengers attending this event for 14 years, so they know the drill. As if that isn’t chic enough, Flexjet clients also enjoy a posh perch on the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links for premium Concours d’Elegance viewing. Flexjet transport really looks good on you. Isn’t that how Scott and Zelda would do it?


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