Leave Winter Blues Behind; Go Bold in the Grenadines

When packing for a trip to the Grenadines, your suitcase should be exploding with colors and materials that will light up the days and warm evenings. We’ve put together a travel wardrobe fitting for the vibrant surroundings.

Leave your neutrals at home and stand out from the crowd with bold patterns, a bright palette and emphasized textures.

Enjoy this sophisticated style selection, celebrating some of the newest and most exciting pieces from our favourite designers.

Gigi Hadid / Swimwear by Seafolly

Gigi Hadid / Swimwear by Seafolly / Credit Seafolly Australia

Enjoy the Grenadines sun, sand and surf in a two-piece by Seafolly. The Australian swimwear brand has earned its stripes by creating to-die-for collections season after season that are coveted by sun seekers across the globe. This bikini’s monochrome palette is brought to life with a print reminiscent of the famous boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro and offsets a golden tan beautifully.


Jennifer Lopez / Dress by Balmain / Credit: Harpers Bazaar

This creation from Balmain is the perfect dress for evenings spent living the champagne dream in the Caribbean. With a throwback to simpler times, this handmade piece marries timeless crochet with inlaid gold chains, creating a fashion clash that just works. Bold splashes of color, shoulder cutouts and gold exposed zips make this a must-have head-turner.


Fendi – Resort 2017 Collection / Credit

The Caribbean breeze calls for a floaty, feminine sundress that is elegant enough to take you to lunch, and casual enough for comfort. Embrace the bold colors favored by the locals and make your own splash. The perfect patchwork of patterns on this Fendi sundress add a simple touch to a fantastically structured piece.


Twisted Temple sunglasses by Balenciaga / Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

When it comes to a fantastic pair of shades, we love it when contemporary meets classic. An elegant yet substantial cat-eye shape is literally given a twist at the temple, begging for an up-do to show off the entire frame of what could be described as wearable art by Balenciaga. Tortoiseshell is highly recommended – it catches the light beautifully, lightening your look.

The Chanel Coco Club bag brings a sparkling sense of fun and adventure to your getaway look. The relaxed shape and vibrant palette heightens the holiday vibe, while staying true to the brand aesthetic with the classic Chanel tweed. An added bonus – the Cuban theme that inspired this collection by Karl Lagerfeld is so topical, your bag will spark conversation that goes beyond compliments.


Thorsun / Credit:

When it comes to swimwear, we love a pair of shorts that are so well thought out, they can take you from the beach to the bar without fear of making a fashion faux pas. Thorsun is the epitome of relaxed style, focusing on creating pieces with inspired prints that are fitted enough to create an eye-catching silhouette.


Hermes Arceau Lift / Credit:

Sophisticated and classic: Hermes has been creating timepieces for the last century and rarely goes outside its very exclusive brief. The Arceau Lift is no exception. Exquisite craftsmanship combined with a hint of rose gold and a glimpse into the intricacies of what makes it tick sets this timepiece apart from the crowd.


Gucci Shoe Cruise 2017 Collection / Credit:

We dare you to resist the temptation of lacing up a pair of the Gucci sneakers from the fashion powerhouse’s Cruise 2017 collection. Gucci has created a sophisticated kaleidoscope-inspired print and placed it on a strong style foundation: the Gucci signature motif. Need an excuse? Day trips, casual evenings and gentle hikes call for stylish yet functional footwear. Look no further.


Michael Kors – new collection / Credit:

A trip to the Grenadines calls for a selection of basic shirts and to add a little class, we favor a collared polo shirt that can easily take you from bay to play. Casual and comfortable can easily be achieved without compromising on style – opt for slim cuts fitted to create a smart silhouette, created from breathable luxury fabrics.


Armani / Credit:

Indulge in a leather tote that can be used for travel and easy day trips – whether on the boat or perusing the local boutiques. The masculine design of this Armani piece combines different leather textures – soft and supple with strong, smooth straps creating a true piece of luxury luggage that will gain character with age.

Elisabeth Corcoran

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