Mode de Monegasque: Epic Couture

Everything you’ve heard is true. Monaco demands your best, in form as well as function. Ensure you’re well armed with up to the minute style, elevated to a new level of chic with this just-published list of necessities.

The French do so many things well, especially sumptuous swimwear, but this gorgeous suit for her comes straight from London by Agent Provocateur. Demure, with hints of intoxication, the suit is perfection. Italy, on par with France, delivers the perfect swim short for him from Dolce & Gabbana. In lightweight, quick-drying fabric, adorned with all the right pockets, this great length and fit exquisitely balance between the ultra-brief and the Charlie Brown. You’ve been faithfully following those workouts, so reap the rewards.

Agent Provocateur's 'Lanna' Swimsuit

Agent Provocateur’s ‘Lanna’ Swimsuit

A great Monaco look, embracing formality but giving it a little shove with the pants tucked up while making use of the pocket real estate, this Bottega Veneta suit is fabulous for lunch, say, at Hotel de Paris, or perhaps Louis XV. For her, a stylish frock for daytime fun from Herve Leger gives the afternoon just a bit of a kick. Dramatic and unforgettable, wearing this will be simply fun for both you and your +1.

Sunglasses can be way serious. They can also be really high tech. Check out these Ron Arad designed A-frames from his new pq brand. Keep an eye out for his newest launch, coming out of a 3D printer. Looking for tradition? Check out the Maybach Patron I for cosmopolitan style, with Carl Zeiss lenses, wood temples, and titanium frames.

Monaco demands more. That often means dressing for dinner, or at least putting on jacket and tie. Look your very best, even when you’re not doing a tux for the Casino or formal event by capturing this khaki look from the iconic Kiton. When you do going formal, please do it right. The master of tux, Ralph Lauren, knows just what to put where, and how to make women swoon. Word? Tailor. Professional, even.

Ralph Lauren Tuxedo

Ralph Lauren Tuxedo

We gave the men some choice, so here are two stunning options for your nights on the town in Monaco, or just a happy little Champagne pop on board your private yacht charter, with a little caviar and salmon nosh before the parties begin. Elie Saab designs a casual sway of a gown, with subtle gradation from black to white, tip to toe. Another Elie Saab nod, pick up on the translucent tulle look, embellished with embroidery and beading in gunmetal. Both are bound to secure long, approving looks.

Time waits for no man, so give this piece your rapt attention. Tradition reigns supreme in Monaco, and nothing says tradition like Rolex. The new Cellini, with black leather strap and black guilloche, puts the perfect emphasis on your wrist. Not too much, nor too little, it says you’re confident and out to impress no one but yourself. If time is not an issue, and your man is wearing that to-die-for Rolex, let him worry about the clock while you slip into something more comfortable. Like Bvlgari’s Diva necklace in 18 kt white gold with pave diamonds. Come to think of it, why stop there? Consider the matching bracelet, earrings, or ring as well.

Cellini Dual Time

Cellini Dual Time

The finishing touch, of course, comes in the packaging. Even if your own initials are enough, as they say, these initials, without a doubt, say that you know your way around the globe. With 160 options for men and 110 for women, Louis Vuitton makes hard cases, wheels, totes, satchels, and all manner of carryalls for your favorite treasures. Don’t leave home without it.

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