Montenegro Packing List: Upscale and Low Key

MontenegroMontenegro, they say, is the new Monaco. Nothing being wrong with the old Monaco, it might be preferable to think of this as a yachting destination, upshifting, in growth mode. With an obvious edge, Montenegro’s infrastructure is not quite fully sharpened, yet absolutely on its way to fabulous.

What’s great about that is you, as an honored guest, are in trendsetting mode. Whatever you wear, you’re helping to establish the international Montenegro style. Eclectic or traditional, sexy or sophisticated, your choice sets the bar. Fun, isn’t it?

Diving into some of the world’s clearest aqua waves, you’ll want to dazzle. Agua Bendita’s great prints give some punch to the typical triangle, adding extra detail with logo discs on a unique two-piece for her. Agua has also begun styling swimwear for him. Check out these Estribor print board shorts with signature aero symbols and high quality tailoring.

Agua Bendita Bikini

Agua Bendita Bikini

Never squint. Always do shades. And do them dramatically, like the Limited Edition Legends 858 Diamante for him with total UV protection. For her, the oversize, multi-layered color of the Dolce & Gabbana DG 4207 in raspberry makes a delicious statement.

A truly European casual look from Daks does a monochrome thing for him, blending a range of greys. Pretty cool, and Montenegrin chic. For her, Emilio Pucci pairs cinnamon and grape for a great casual peasant shirt and pocketed shorts good for on board leisure or in-town meandering, from the summer 2015 collection.

When the stars come out, beautiful women come out to look at them. Why not shine brightly in something totally interesting? A graceful ballerina skirt, sheer from the thigh down, and simple, spaghetti strap bodice in luxurious fabric and print evoke a sophisticated look that’s not too presumptuous. For him, the Zegna Techmerino blazer and matching pant, paired with a fine print shirt sans tie, make a unique style statement. Again, not too dressy, especially with the leather sneaks, but scoot on over to Zegna’s shoes for a pair of braided buffalo-leather loafers if that seems more your speed. Either one works. Remember, you’re setting trends, here.

Daks sportswear For Him Look 31

Daks sportswear For Him Look 31

Now, how about a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch instead of a tiny iScreen? Michael Bastian crafted a thing of beauty here, working with both iOS and Android systems. Water resistant and always on, with up to a week of battery life. Boom. Better.

He’s wearing the watch, right? Leaves her choice open to go with glamour. Choose wisely, with a piece like the Hampton Cable Necklace with grey diamonds and blue sapphires. Stunning creation. Exceptional jewels. David Yurman drama may cause you to lose all track of time. If you really want to swing the meter, add the bracelet and ring to match.

The Bentley Birkin Mulsanne Luggage

The Bentley Birkin Mulsanne Luggage

Pack it all up in something that really announces your arrival. The Bentley Birkin Mulsanne luggage is exquisitely tailored and very well-appointed. Simply divine. One catch. You’ll also have to spring for the car. No worries, though, as it’s a pretty sweet ride.



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