Must Have Accessories You For Paris Fashion Week

It’s time for Fashion Week again and that means looking impeccable! In particular, Men’s Fashion Week is here and is the perfect time to get outfit inspiration for the rest of 2018. Style lovers everywhere unite to show off the latest looks and also discover some treasures, but if you are attending, of course, you just have to look your best!

Dressing for Fashion Week can be a dream come true but also be your worst nightmare. But honestly, you don’t need to worry, we have got a list of accessories you should try teaming with your Fashion Week outfits for them to be on point!


Because if you are heading to Fashion Weeks in Europe, the weather may not always live up to your expectations. Spring/Summer items may now be available but let’s face it, it’s still winter! Blake Scott shows how to wrap up warm and still look stylish, thrown over an overcoat with a collared shirt and jeans, and a vintage satchel for those all important retro vibes – perfect!

George at Atlas and Mason shows that you can even go for a subtle print, as that too can elevate your outfit. It’s finishing touches like the scarf that will completely transform your look and pull it all together!

If you are looking for a handsome, timeless scarf that you will keep for years to come, then Cutuli Cult have got just the one you have been searching for. The light grey metallic spots add texture, yet remain smart and versatile. Plus, in black, it will go with so many things in your wardrobe!


Because a watch finishes off your look but it also looks super cool with pulled up sleeves, making your arms not look so bare. It’s that one piece of jewelry that will go with everything and that you will get so much wear out of! It is well worth investing in a smart, everyday watch that will seriously get you places.

When you get a watch – there are some things to think about – leather strap? Metal strap? Big face, small face? And what metal – gold, silver? Once you have figured these out it is so easy to find that dream watch.

Armani have this gorgeous two tone watch that gives you the best of both worlds – with two types of metal, it is super classy and smart, yet easy to throw on with other shades. It is super sophisticated yet so versatile!


What would your wardrobe be without loafers? They are the perfect compromise for comfy shoes that still look sophisticated. They are also a piece you can wear all year round, in winter with jeans or chinos, or in the summer with a pair of Bermuda shorts or white pants.

For timeless, smart pieces with a hint of British style, we can’t recommend brand Ted Baker enough! Their Miicke loafers really caught our eye, and are in a similar style to Jim’s. They are so practical on a day to day basis yet so sophisticated. We can’t recommend investing in pieces like this enough as you will truly get your wear out of them!


Simple enough, right? There is nothing that quite beats the feeling of luxurious feeling – and looking – socks! Whether you want them in just one color or you want an Argyll print, the pop of color looks fantastic and obviously striking, with a suit or a rather formal pair of shoes. We highly recommend Evoke Socks and London Sock Co for colorful socks featuring unique designs. Discover them for yourselves!

Emma Philo