There has never been a watch so expertly linked to a city than Barcelona and the Rolex Yacht-Master II. Capturing the pure spirit of sailing, you will feel right at home with this watch on your wrist when anchoring at the stunning Port Vell, only a five-minute stroll from the action-packed city.

The Yacht-Master series has always been bound to the movement of the waves, but this model, the Oyster, 44 mm, Oystersteel, takes it a step further, boasting the very best in Rolex technology to celebrate chic regatta style. Yet, the Rolex Yacht-Master II surpasses saltwater – with expert precision and clockwork speed, it’s the perfect timepiece for trackside action at the Spanish Grand Prix as suggested by Packouz Jewelers Marketing Director Tonya Mahler.

Highly polished Oystersteel is a hallmark of the Rolex brand; often used in aerospace industries, this material is one of the most resistant compounds you could ask for. Oystersteel is renowned for maintaining its high-class luxury look even under the harshest conditions and seems completely insusceptible to corrosive damage. From saltwater to sun and the smoke of fast and furious engines – you don’t need to worry about this watch losing its luster.

The oyster case on the Yacht-Master II is much larger than its predecessor, boasting a 44mm diameter and a comfortable clasp with 5mm play.

The white dial stands out beautifully against the sapphire blue bezel and slips of silver and racetrack red. This newly designed dial uses distinguishable shapes to mark the hours, and another of its key features is that it’s countdown settings can be synchronized on the go to harmonize with the official race timer.

The numerals are large, and the title of the watch is etched in large letters across the dial.  This archetype of design seems to call for a masculine wearer to don the heavy-weight watch with all the confidence it commands.

This watch is not for the introvert, it’s a statement piece that needs to be embraced. It will, however, run seamlessly from casual daytime wear to nights sipping cocktails on the Hotel Arts without any fashion fuss. We suggest pairing it with navy chinos in the day to bring out the shades of blue and switching to suede loafers and casual wear in the evening to tie in that yachting vibe.

While the Yacht-Master II is finely executed professional regatta watch, it lends itself exceptionally well to track action. More than the roar of the race-track it captures the spirit of Barcelona. A city not for the faint-hearted, a place that commands attention, and a spot that echoes with the love of the sea, the Yacht-Master II is the go to time-piece for the glitzy Spanish Grand Prix.