Corsica isn’t just an island off the coast of France. Its a playground for the outdoor lover, where one can hike, head to the beach, take a relaxing boat trip and enjoy a plethora of great dining experiences all in a matter of days. Keep your Corsican vacation accessories as glistening as it’s waters and as authentic as its coastline with our Packouz Jewelry accessories guide…

For Him

Designed for the diving enthusiast, the ones who love to swim with the tropical fish and coral reefs is the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial. Commemorating James Cameron’s historic solo dive, Rolex have chosen a two-color gradient dial, in celebration of one man’s journey to the deepest place on earth – the Mariana Trench.

Furthermore, the master piece is waterproof up to 12,800 feet, a design that can only be celebrated by deep sea diving professionals.

Considered a sports watch with its Oystersteel bracelet, this timepiece is ideal for an exploration vacation amongst gushing waterfalls, nature’s finest sports and Corsica’s emerald beach coves.

Wear yours venturing out in tailored swim shorts, sandals and white polo shirt, or pair with a linen button down and cotton pants come sundown.

While island has been French-owned for the last 200 years, this island feels very much as its own entity. From its language, to its mouthwatering cuisine and character. Evenings are lengthy and accompanied by local music, the scenery it jaw dropping and its people are proud to call it home.

For Her

Corsica, home to multi-faceted history oozing scenes of yesteryear makes this place a vintage gem of the Mediterranean. Enchanting scenes require enchanting accessories so spruce up your what-to-pack list with the VHERNIER Giotto Piccolo Cornelian Crystal Ring.

Made in Italy this item is a testament to the coming together of precious jewels and luxurious gold. Mounted on 18k Pink Gold band and finished with a unique Cornelian Rock Crystal this ring represents the brand’s true craftsmanship and ideal for everyday wear.

Wear yours with the ultimate summer white maxi dress, colorful bathing suit and elegant sandals.