Like most tennis greats, Rafael Nadal’s name and likeness help sell everything from T-shirts to sneakers and cars to underwear. But only Nadal has shown a talent for selling out watches that cost a half-million dollars or more.

Through his sponsorship deal with Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, Nadal has already sold out two production runs of watches made in his honor. The first, the RM 027, retailed for $500,000 and quickly sold out.

The second, the RM 27-01, was priced at $690,000 and also sold out. Only 50 of each watch were made.

Now, Richard Mille has come out with Rafa watch No. 3, officially named the RM 27-02. Like its predecessors, the new watch is a mechanical tourbillon that, because of its advanced composite materials, weighs next to nothing. It’s specifically adapted for Nadal’s game, and able to withstand a G-force of 5,000.[/vc_column_text][gap size=”10px”][text_output]

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