As summer descends on the Mediterranean, the coastal cities are preparing to take center stage in light of some of the world’s most prestigious events. The action kicks off on the French Riviera at the Cannes Film Festival. A place oozing in Mediterranean luxury, the event never shies away from hosting some of the best dressed ladies and gentlemen. Here’s how you too can dress the part.

Color Pop

Dress codes at the Cannes Film Festival are relatively strict, so what better way than to treat yourself to a glamorous gown? Kick off the Mediterranean season with a splash of colour. From satin reds, to luxe violets – at an event as opulent as the Cannes Film festival, the brighter your attire the better. Consider colors that complement your hair, eyes and skin tone. Blonde hair and blue eyes sit well with bright tones while, neutral tones suit those with brown eyes and dark hair.

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Create killer dimension and add elegance with texturised fabrics. Lace, a sixteenth century necessity has since become the ultimate red carpet fabric. Creating intricacies in just one piece, you’re able to keep you accessories low-key in contrast. If all over lace is too much for you, opt for something that features lace edging, a lace bag or minimal details.

Emily Ratajkowski

Tailor Up

Some women just feel more comfortable in pants and we can give thanks to Chanel for pioneering the first pair in circulation in the 1950s. Shortly after, YSL debuted the first ever pantsuit named ‘Le Smoking’, and today women in a tailored two-piece is anything short of a rarity. Pack your red carpet wardrobe with Marlene Dietrich in mind, keep it feminine with a silk blouse or tailor up with a bowtie, white button down and refined court shoes or dress sandals.



Given that your dress is your statement item, accessories on the red carpet needn’t be loud and daring, instead keep them elegant and classy. If you’ve chosen to wear your hair in an up-do add a pair of small drop earrings and sophisticated necklace for a sparkling touch.

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Who says black tie has to mean a black three-piece? Gentlemen can still be dapper in a contrasting patterned three piece just as much as they can in a tux. The Cannes Film Festival is a chance to brush shoulders with industry names all over the world where loud styles dominant the streets. Opt for a dominant Wall Street style pinstripe with wide lapel over a crisp white button down, brogues and a matching waistcoat.

Cannes Film Festival


A double breasted tuxedo couldn’t feel more at home on the red carpet. As the style saying goes, every man should own a double-breasted three-piece. Whether you wear yours with shawl, wide or peak lapels; paired with a silk bowtie and patent leather shoes or velvet slippers and you will certainly feel and look red carpet ready in unparalleled elegance.


White Tuxedo

For the ultimate formal white tie dress, then a white tuxedo is all you need. Worn best with shawl lapels and white bowtie, this is the utmost luxurious form of dress a gentleman can be seen in. Worn with sumptuous suede slippers over a white tuxedo button-down and french cuffs. You too can lead by example like Ryan Gosling.


Off the Cuff

The french cuff is frequented by the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt at premieres a plenty, so why can’t you? To be worn with a suit jacket at all times, the french cuff is the most formal style of shirt cuff and should always be accompanied by black or white tie. Preferred cuff link designs include whale back fastening or onyx studs for a touch of sophistication.

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