If you’ve landed yourself a trip to Cyprus, get ready to be swept away to an island that will transport you in not only place but in time.  Known for pulling its inspiration from the surrounding countries of Greece and Turkey, Cyprus offers a balance of a cultural experience of the past paired with the posh, modern lifestyle sophisticated travelers enjoy today. This holiday spent lazily among the Mediterranean waters will keep you glowing through your sun soaked days and shining well into the alluring nights, offering endless opportunities to show off your best assets.



The definition of a true luxury holiday means having an experience that isn’t available to just anyone. Only the elite will be sailing the exclusive stretch that gives breathtaking vistas of Cyprus’ land. , Since you’re among the in-crowd you best be at the top of your fashion game by showing off your refined taste in Balenciaga’s translucent aviator sunglasses for her. Balenciaga’s creative director, Alexander Wang, designed the eyewear by keeping in mind the brand’s classic mark in the fashion world. Yet, with the simplicity that comes across at first glance, once the sun hits the golden exterior lining that surrounds the smoke gray and black frames, you’ll be admired as the golden beauty of the seas. The bluish gray tint to the lens of the piece is another stamp of versatility that sets these aviators apart from your average UV defender. Whether they’re worn with your flirty afternoon sightseeing attire or your sassiest bikini, these timeless glasses will not only make you look and feel like a million bucks, they’ll make everyone who sets eyes on you treat you like a Grecian goddess.



Women are often said to have all the fun when it comes to fashion accessories, but if you’re a man with a grandiose presence, it’s nothing new for you to draw the attention toward your own couture ways. Dita eyewear for him offers the most unique, cutting edge designs that will stun the Cyprus crowds. A drawback of needing prescription glasses is lack of choices and innovative style; with Dita eyewear, superior craftsmanship and unexpected features will make you the king of cool without cluing anyone in to your optical needs. Dita’s traditional frames as well as their sun-glare wear are so versatile they suit any man and his lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to admire the views of the crystal blue waters of Cyprus in glamorous, classic, or retro styles, Dita has great looks to match your extravagant holiday gear.

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