Split to Dubrovnik: Your Mission? Pack Well.

The route sounds like an instruction sending you on a secret mission, but its actually a grand idea for anyone that appreciates unspoiled coastlines, beautiful mountain landscapes spilling down to the sea, and ancient villages inhabited since the Byzantine era. Croatia and its coastal cities sport cultural influences from ancient Rome through very modern civilization. So, yes, Split to Dubrovnik for a private luxury yacht charter if you’d find exploring the classic coast of Croatia an interesting invitation. And pack some stylish, casual things, for both yacht-based and on shore excursions.

La Perla’s sophisticated take on swimwear amps up active style with leather-look pailottes on a slimming maillot. A chic look on board, and a strong performer in the water, you can also slip on a skirt or tie on a sarong-style pareau, and you’re good on shore. For him, Michael Kors solves the color dilemma between black or blue by using them both in a stylish striped swim short.

Sunglasses are essential, particularly when they also protect your eyes from UV and your face from the squint. Jimmy Choo does both with exceptional flair in the Mila/S frames with gold and black accents, perfectly paired with the LaPerla swimwear above. For him, Chopard makes a strong statement with the classic frame bearing a khaki and titanium temple and smoke polarized lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses For Him

Chopard Sunglasses For Him

How can you not have a good time in this dress? Gorgeous birds just can’t help it, prancing around in this flippy white frock from Fendi that captures the essence of Italian style: creative applique and sumptuous detail made from luxurious fabrics. For him, Thomas Maier puts a nice resort look together with emphasis on white jeans, tucked in between a cowboy style shirt and handsome blue suede slip ons. Casual, trendy, comfy.

Fendi White Dress

Fendi White Dress

Things aren’t quite as formal in Dubrovnik as some of the other Mediterranean destinations. Michael Bastien’s black lapel/white jacket dinner coat is a stunning choice here, paired with black jeans and a denim shirt. Add the tux tie if you like, and slip into some dashing footwear, like Versace’s woven insignia loafers. Socks? No. And that’s final.

Michael Williamson must have had Dubrovnik’s trendy clubs in mind when he designed this hibiscus feather-trimmed flounce, because it is simply perfect for a night on the town, or flying through a fanciful evening on board your private luxury yacht. While you’re at it, heighten the drama with these Manolo Blahnik simple sandals.

What time is it? Time to get compliments on this Corum Admiral’s Cup Seafender watch. A 48mm dodecagonal case of grade 5 titanium, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water resistant to 100 m, and 42 hours of power reserve, it is the consummate crossover watch. For her, sparkly, sporty, and gorgeous in rose gold with a white band, Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut watch is set with 3.25 carats of diamonds on a 31 mm rose gold case. Plus, it’s waterproof.

Admiral's Cup Seafender 48

Admiral’s Cup Seafender 48

Fendi makes fabulous bags, for both men and women. The men’s Selleria tote is a raw edge, hand-sewn bag with shoulder strap , cell phone and tablet pockets, and palladium metalware with silver Selleria plaque and serial number. How many? 846. That’s the number of hand stitches it took to finish the bag. The Peek-a-Boo bag for her, in pale blue, is travel ready with pockets galore and zip-up places for everything. A favorite, stylish carryall, it has a little fun pretending to be hanging open while all tucked in.

For the ultimate in trunk space, Billionaire Couture makes a large leather trunk, trimmed in all the right places, ready to survive anything. Spacious, and considerate, it allows you to hang your clothing, not wrinkling a thing, while making space for all the accessories you’ll need on this fabulous trip. Workmanship is exquisite, and durability unmatched.

Fashion Gallery

La Perla black and gold paillette maillot for her:

Michael Kors striped swim shorts for him:

Jimmy Choo Mila/S sunglasses for her:

Fendi white dress for her:

Thomas Maier white jeans, blue shirt, for him:

Michael Bastien black lapel/white dinner coat:

Versace woven loafers for him:,en_US,pd.html&cgid=230000#!%3Fprefn1%3Dsale%26prefv1%3Dfalse%26i%3D3%26color%3DDNWO%26sz%3D55

Matthew Williamson feather trimmed dress for her:

Manolo Blahnik sandals for her:

Corum Admiral’s Cup Seafender watch:

Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch for her:

Caimen Wardrobe Trunk:


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