As one of America’s great winter destinations, Jackson Hole amazes visitors with its stunning natural scenery, plethora of outdoor activities and charming old-school town. The mountain getaway is a place where the stillness and thriving wildlife allow you to really escape from the stresses of modern life. The expansive Wyoming beauty comes with a dry winter chill, but with the correct gear and clothing you’ll be able enjoy these memorable experiences without worry. The temperatures can vary quite wildly on a day-to-day basis, especially if you plan on heading up the mountain which has an incredible elevation of 6,000 feet. Jackson Hole is a place where old-school Western sensibilities and wilderness adventures are balanced by comfort and style, as luxury hotels, elegant spas and first-rate cuisine have brought a lively urban buzz to the traditional cowboy town. In turn, the clientele consists of both thrill-seeking adventurists and the jet-set crowd–both drawn by a nostalgic vision of the American west.


Downhill Essentials

Skiing in Jackson Hole is a rewarding experience that is guaranteed to amaze you with its sheer natural beauty and thrilling outdoors and wildlife, but the winters are also much harsher and colder than many famous ski resorts. When you’re shredding your stress away on the slopes, you’ll want to properly equip yourself. In order for you to push further, gear up with these Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggles. Designed specifically for hitting the slopes and braving the elements, the goggles combine the latest in color science research with the signature Oakley flair to maximize contrast and enhance visibility with a look inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots. This Oakley Ski Down Jacket 15K was designed specifically for the harshest of outdoor conditions while out on the slope. The innovative FN DRY and 15K technologies guaranteed top-notch warmth and dryness, while the jacket also has the look that matches the peak performance. 


Outdoor Thrills

While skiing and snowboarding may be the most popular activities, Jackson Hole is one of North America’s pinnacle destinations for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts for the overall breadth of adventures that await, including snowshoeing, snowmobiling and safari tours. Designed specifically to straddle the line between shell and down insulation, this Perfect Moment Polar Quilted-Shell Down Jacket will keep you cozy in the most unforgiving of winter environments. The jacket is meticulously cut for a close fit, while the clean color palette ensures you are up to date in the style department. The funnel collar is a nice dual-purpose touch and the earphone hole is icing on the cake for an all-around functional winter jacket that will take you through all winter activities and back. In continuing with the clean color palette, opt for these Bogner Meli Embossed Leather Ski Gloves, which have been are handcrafted in Italy to tackle the wilderness. Finish the look off with these Moncler Acetate and Leather D-Frame Sunglasses which are equipped with polarized lenses to protect your eyes from sun rays.

Ralph Lauren

Winter Layers

When it comes to staying warm, we don’t need to tell you that layering is key. This winter, we’re looking towards Ralph Lauren for the perfection selection of winter knitwear and sweatshirts. For those who want to keep it classic, the Ralph Lauren Intarsia Cashmere Sweater is taken directly from the brand’s archives with the simple teddy mascot. If you want to add a little winter flair, take a look at this Ralph Lauren Ski Bear Sweatshirt. Whether you find yourself on a trekking adventure or meandering around town, a backpack is also a great idea. Between snowmobile and snowshoe tours and backcountry skiing, you can carry extra layers, water bottles, snacks, spare gloves and safety gear. Crafted from a durable shell fabric, this Maison Margiela Zaino Shell Backpack is the perfect travel companion that seamlessly fuses comfort and function.

Dare 2b

Keep It Technical

While Jackson Hole and Wyoming in general aren’t necessarily the fashion capital of the world, the upscale accommodations, elegant spas and world-class restaurants mean the clientele aren’t exactly lacking. At the same time, however, the dry winter chill means you should be well-equipped in a stylish manner. Keeping it technical with innovative clothing will not only keep you cozy while you trot around the town, but it gives off a sleek look that emphasizes lightweight comfort. Inspired by the functional style worn by equestrians, these Fusalp Belalp Stirrup Pants are crafted from a insulating fabric that’s meant to move with you. The style has a glorious tapered finish to them that looks especially fantastic with boots for a sharp cold-weather look. These Moncler Genius Stretch-Twill Stirrup Ski Pants are another option that are cut from water-wicking stretch-twill that seamlessly tuck into your snow socks and boots. The slim fit and pastel colorway highlights the natural rise with a second base layer. These pants look exceptionally well as you transition from outdoors to indoors. The contrast with winter knit essentials and wool for around the resort is a unique look. Perfectly combining function and style, this Moncler Genius Striped Stretch-Wool Turtleneck Sweater is a great base layer to cozy up around the resort and the timeless, eye-catching striped design is balanced out with the technical fabric of the pants.