Tropical Resort Casual: The Style Sheet for Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Mexico’s Riviera Maya draws countless tourists from all corners of the globe, all in search of their fair share of sun, fun and relaxation. While the Yucatán Peninsula has year-round hot temperatures, the peak season to visit falls between November and February, when the weather is warm, skies are clear and sun is in abundance. Vacationing in the Riviera Maya is often characterized by seaside culinary adventures, lazy afternoons in the sand and culture-packed explorations. Although you’ll find a wide range of clientele depending on where you find yourself, it seems that the resort and cruise collections put forth by the world’s biggest designers were made specifically for this slice of Caribbean heaven. From the unspoiled white-sand beaches to the luxury resorts, Mexico’s Riviera Maya is a place where you’ll want to maximize comfort, but not at the expensive of elegance.


Tropical Paradise

The 80-mile stretch of the coastline of the Riviera Maya is home to some of the most picture-perfect beaches in the world, so much so that it almost feels like a cliché: pristine white sand, turquoise waters, colorful marine life and emerald tropical jungles on the other side. Whether you opt to take in the raucous atmosphere of Playa del Carmen, or simply the private strip of beach in the backyard of your villa, there’s no doubt your stay will include plenty of sun and sand. Equipped with a deep V neckline and flattering cut, this Zimmermann Corsage Flower 1pc is an all-purpose body suit that strikes a lovely combination of sophistication and versatility. The orchid tie belt and low back are the chic final touches on a swimwear option that you can wear across the board. For a more colorful option check out the Mara Hoffman Meli Bikini Top and Mara Hoffman Lydia Bikini Bottom. In an invigorating red colorway, the matching set offers a refined silhouette that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Both swimsuits look excellent with this Eric Javits Bella Woven Sun Hat, a lightweight topper which effectively shields your eyes from the sun.

Orlebar Brown

Shoreside Affairs

Considering the abundance of breathtaking natural scenery across the Riviera, it’s no surprise that there are countless upscale restaurants that have set up shop directly on the shores. In a country already renowned for its gastronomic scene, this is taken to new heights, with establishments ranging from authentic Yucatán cuisine to bespoke fusion experience, all catered for your enjoyment as you savour every bite with the warm Caribbean breeze and smell of salt-kissed water dazzles your senses. Linen is the go-to material for those who enjoy island hopping, sunny vacations and tropical paradises. This Frescobol Carioca Linen Button-Up Shirt provides that Riviera flair, while the lightweight and breathable fabric works to keep you cool. The great thing about linen is that it will pair equally well with your beachwear as with a smart-casual look at lunch. Pair it with these Salle Privée Steven Chino Shorts and these Burberry Checked Canvas Espadrilles as you head for lunch, while Thom Browne Sun Tortoiseshell Aviator Sunglasses provide the finishing touches. With this look, you won’t be over or underdressed, no matter where you decide to eat for lunch, dinner, or even a night out. More importantly, you’ll be comfortable, airy, cool and breezy.

Heidi Klein

Resort Casual

Nothing is better than slipping into a lightweight sundress that will float around you in the ocean breeze as you head around the resort, the local marketplace and beach with ease. It’s the perfect in-between clothing that you can toss on over your bikini and look great in and feel comfortable. This neat-fitting Heidi Klein Palermo Mini Kaftan does just that. With an empire waist line and V-neck, the one-piece provides a loose-fitting silhouette that’s still flattering. Similarly, this Cult Gaia Millie Wicker Bag lends a chic boho vibe and can comfortably hold all of your essentials as you move from the spa to the shores. Set atop a beach-like jute sole, these Prada Denim Slides are the perfect do-it-all footwear option with a slight retro nod. These Christian Roth Wait Until Dark Tortoiseshell Sunglasses are a similar bold option that will let those around you that you know what you’re doing when it comes to classy, high-end yet effortless fashion.

Golden Point

Water Fun

Between observing dolphins and turtles at the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, swimming in cenotes, or catching some waves around Playa del Carmen, you’ll certainly want a stylish pair of swim trunks. There’s no shortage of colorful prints and playful patterns this season, but these Alexander McQueen Swim Shorts blow the rest out of the water. The subtle patterning and toned down color ensure that they’re both crisp and versatile, whereas the elasticized waistband and quick-drying shell provides maximum comfort. The tailored fit ensures a style that is up-to-date. When you’re just lounging around the pool, pair the trunks with this Thom Browne SS Pocket Cotton T-Shirt and these Givenchy Logo Slides for an effortless, crisp and simple look.


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