Italy’s southern coastline; the birthplace of the pizza, glistening seas of Positano and characteristic dialects. The Amalfi Coast is one of the few places in the world where you can brush shoulder’s with heritage artisans by day whilst indulging in some of Italy’s most extraordinary dishes by night.

Sprezzatura; a word created by the Italians and mostly consumed by it’s people also, is a term used to express a way in which a man dresses; ‘a man should look as though he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and forgotten all about them’.

To Italians, dressing well is a lifestyle. Walking through any Italian city you’ll witness the middle aged man on a vespa, in a crisp slim fit suit and clean brogues, while the young lady is walking to the office in a heeled shoe across cobble-stone paving with grace.

Any well dressed man should ensure he always has good quality footwear for an impromptu getaway or soiree; nonetheless Italians equally are just as smart at dressing well as they are comfortably.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s latest shoe collection are definitive and elegant. Their Lamb Nappa leather moccasins feature an innovative design for the Italian brand this season; with the cut of the buttonhole of a jacket on the upper. Fixed to a flexible leather sole these make for an easy go-to while on the move with expertise stitching and lining for comfort.

Representative of sartorial dress, Lardini holds a rich heritage under it’s belt, that still exudes today. With fresh ideas from classic Italian tailoring combined with British sportswear, Lardini falls high in grace when it comes to shirts and suiting. For definitive Italian style, we favor linen or lightweight cotton; loosely roll the sleeves and leave your top buttons relaxed for a casual stroll or button up for a suited and booted occasion.

No Italian man is seen without his sunglasses; in perfect harmony where vintage elegance marries contemporary design, Bottega Veneta’s Black metal sunglasses are lightweight and versatile. These avant-garde style shades are where historic city sun meets the sparkling waters of the coastline.

A trip to the Amalfi Coast is not complete until you hit the aquamarine waters, whether by boat or for afternoon swims. Coast Society boast some of the best swim wear for the style aficionados seen on the cobbled streets of Sorrento. Made where quality is not compromised, with flattering side button fastening and sophisticated regatta stripe for a bold finish.

In between pitstops along the coast and island hopping between Ponza and Capri, you’ll want the ability to move with ease. Tom Ford’s Full Grain Leather Holdall is sleek and complementary sat on the backseat of your Fiat 500. With twill interior and smaller external pockets for your essentials, you can throw this over your shoulder or take as a carry on in-hand.