Tropical Luxury: The Style Sheet for Seychelles

Consisting of 115 picturesque islands off the coast of Africa, Seychelles has deservedly earned its reputation as a destination that truly harbors the meaning of a tropical paradise. The exquisite white-powder beaches are often contrasted by the crashing topaz waters of the Indian Ocean on one side and lush green tropical forestry on the other. The oceans are teeming with rich aquatic life of all forms, while there is a widespread emphasis on ecotourism and sustainable living. Seychelles isn’t known for its insane nightlife but rather its slowed pace of life which can be felt in the laid-back attitude of the warm locals that call the archipelago home. This atmosphere is only furthered with the presence of ultra-glamorous resorts and exclusive villas that make for one of the world’s best island getaways where panoramic views can be found in abundance. At the end of the day, Seychelles is tropical luxury at its finest.

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Treasure Islands

With 115 islands to its name, Seychelles is an oyster for your exploration. From pristine beaches that sparkle as brightly as any other in the Indian Ocean, unmissable wildlife and coral reefs, the archipelago is spoiled with an abundance of natural phenomena that are ripe for exploring. Some of the most popular spots include the unspoiled Anse Intendance on Mahé Island, the lively Anse Lazio on Praslin Island and the postcard-ready Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue Island.

This Lisa Marie Fernandez Mira Lemon Bonded Flounce Maillot is an elegant one-piece that features an off-the-shoulder style and fitted bodice. The eye-catching mustard yellow is a wonderful ode to the tropical surroundings. However, the real key to this style also lies in its versatility. You can rock the outfit as a swim-ready one-piece or look pair it as a bodysuit with this Lisa Marie Fernandez Polka Dot Beach Skirt for a flowy, carefree look perfect for roaming the island. Round out the outfit with a comfortable pair of sandals such as these Carrie Forbes Hind Raffia Slides.


Luxury Resorts

While the Maldives has long been known as the supreme island destination of luxury in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles makes a pretty convincing case. Throughout the sun-drenched playground for the rich and famous lie some of the world’s most extravagant resorts and elegant hotels, many of which have private stretches of beaches, spa treatments, gourmet cuisine and unbeatable panoramic views. Whether you opt for the exclusive celebrity-laden MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa on the mainland Mahé island or North Island, the 11-villa private resort that has an entire island to itself, Seychelles is as luxurious as it gets.

Whether you find yourself on your way to the pool from the spa or flouncing around by your villa’s pool, this Zimmermann Iris Lace Trim Long Dress is the perfect option to wear around the resort. The high V-neckline and cap sleeves with lace trim make for a luxurious look, while the cotton midi fabrics work to keep you cool in this tropical getaway. Similarly stroll around with these Giuseppe Zanotti Nuvo Rock Embellished Leather Sandals for maximum comfort and style. Embellish with this Citrine & Link Bracelet to up your glamour.


Life Under the Sun

Characterized by scorching hot and dry weather, the high season in Seychelles usually lasts from December to March and then again from July to August. Whereas the shoulder months offer a climate that is slightly cooler, yet still comfortably warm. These in-between months are normally calmer and windless, making them great for swimming, aquatic activities and boat excursions. No matter the time of year, the sun always comes out to shine in Seychelles. When it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun, these brand new Chanel Butterfly Sunglasses are as exquisite as it gets. As part of their most recent offering, Chanel remains one of the most prestigious labels in the world–and their sunglasses are no different.

Mazu Resortwear

Vallée de Mai

Located on the island of Praslin, this gorgeous natural park is one of only two places in the world where the rare coco de mer palm tree is found in its natural state. The UNESCO World Heritage site has something for just about every kind of wildlife enthusiast: the rarest species of birds to the most complex of underwater ecosystems. The rest of the park is rounded out with a plethora of hiking trails of all difficulties that lead through emerald-tingled forests and picturesque unspoiled shores.

These Mazu Evening Star are the perfect shorts to round out your journey at the Vallée de Mai. In the essential black tone, the trunks, inspired by Hong Kong’s rich maritime history, are the perfect pair of swimwear to take you everywhere from the hiking trails to the ocean waters under the hot tropical sun that consumes Seychelles. Pair with these Tom Ford D-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Polarized Sunglasses to equally allow you to enjoy the climate of Seychelles comfortably and in style.

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Snorkelling & Diving

While it may be much lesser known, Seychelles certainly rivals the Maldives in terms of the Indian Ocean’s great diving locations. Luckily, October is one of the best months to go diving in Seychelles, as the seas are calmer, weather is slightly cooler and the boats can reach more remote spots. The granite outcrop known as Îlot sits just north of Mahé where you can find one of the highest densities of fish life in all of Seychelles, whereas the nearby granite plateau known as Shark Bank is rich in marine life that expands out to barracuda, jack fish, stingrays, white tip reef sharks and whale sharks. Lying at a depth of 25m, the Dredger Wreck is the most popular dive spots in all the islands and is a fascinating ship that is now covered with rare species of coral and a plethora of colorful fish.

The Rolex Submariner is the trusty underwater accompaniment that has been alongside some of the most daring diving adventures for the better part of half a century. Whether you’ll be swimming with sharks or exploring wrecks, a diving watch is an essential among your underwater excursions in Seychelles.


Dining Out

In Seychelles, time flows with the tide. While the islands aren’t exactly known for their nightlife or trendy bars, they make up for it with charming local restaurants with excellent island cuisine. Simple, fresh and, of course, tasty, the local cuisine is heavily inspired by the waters that surround it, so expect to fill up on a lot of delicious seafood-based dishes with a delightful blend of African and European influence. Marie Antoinette is the most famous eatery throughout the islands for its Creolean menu with bat curry, battered parrotfish and sweet bottles of Chablis.

Breathable, simple and effortless, this Prada Slim-Fit Polo Shirt is the perfect form-meets-function option that will comfortably take you from your adventures to the restaurant. In Seychelles, there’s no need to dress to the nines so this polo strikes the perfect balance between casual and fashionable. Look to pair the boldly-colored polo with these Frame Denim L’Homme Slim Jeans as the versatile raw denim will similarly have you looking and feeling good.


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