The last week has seen news of good and not-so across various  is parts of the F1 family. The Williams team has revealed some information on updates to their cars which, according to the measurements, has reduced their performance gap compared to the rest of the field. Naturally they are aero related and specific to the Williams cars focus on the barge board and the vanes leading to the air intake. One section of two sets of vanes has been removed, and the other set has been reconfigured to change the way the air flows around and into the side pod.

Just ahead of that inlet, a bigger vane that has the mirror mounted on it sees vanes split. Whereas previously they had a join between the horizontal and vertical vanes, they no longer do and the upper vanes in the horizontal part have been reprofiled. The casing for the mirror also has been reprofiled, with the end result being a smoother flow and a counter-action to aero lift.

Red Bull also has made some small but important changes to their aero package. The front wing has had a small section removed at the rear of the vertical, changing the dynamics of the flow to the barge board, and some small readjustments to the wing on the inside of the endplates. Max Verstappen has indicated that the changes helped the car’s rear feel more connected to the front.

Former Red Bull driver daniel Ricciardo has clouds over his weekend. The driver’s former adviser has launched a lawsuit against the amiable Australian. Glenn Beavis is suing for ten million Euro stating that he should be paid a commission on Ricciardo’s transfer to Renault. he’s also claiming the cost of a physiotherapist and a Renault car. His transfer to Renault also concluded a term with Beavis that started in 2012, signing with a new American based agency. The claim from Beavis appears to centre on his alleged dealings with Renault starting in mid-2017 and a request from Ricciardo in December of to terminate their partnership with immediate effect.

A statement says: “This was delayed until the end of January 2019 as Beavis allegedly requested time to complete the long-form of the Renault F1 driver contracts. However, according to the claim these contracts were not finalised and signed by the end of January and Beavis continued to provide services to Ricciardo beyond that date. Ricciardo’s Renault contract was eventually concluded on March 7, 10 days before the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.”

The claim comes after Beavis appeared to have admitted he’d been advised twice he would not be given any commission.There are changes at the circuit itself too. Organisers at the Hockenheimring have removed the DRS zone from the pit lane straight, with the now first DRS zone just after Turn 1 and the detection zone just after the start/finish line. DRS 2 is located near a prime overtaking position. A section after Turn 4 has a good stretch that leads towards Turn 6 and a hairpin, a place found to be ideal for the dive-bomb pass.

Changes, too, for the careers of four drivers. Antonio Giovinazzi, Alex Albon, George Russell, and Lando Norris will make their first F1 starts on this circuit this weekend.

The Formula 1 Mercedes-Benz Grosser Preis Von Deutschland will be raced on a piece of historic race real estate. The track itself goes back to 1932 when the area was a test track for Mercedes-Benz and was a mammoth 12km worth of tarmac in a triangular shape. It’s been in and out of the F1 calendar since. Kimi Raikkonen holds the race lap record, set back in 2004, at 1:13.780. This weekend sees 67 laps of the 4.574 kilometres worth of tarmac for a total distance of 306.458 kilometres. Practice starts at 11am local on Friday July 26, with the first Qualifying session at 15:00 on Saturday. Race start is Sunday July 28 at 15:10 local.