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British Grand Prix Friday Analysis – Red Bull on The Rise

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Perfect weather enabled everyone to get their tyre comparisons and development test programmes done without external interruption at Silverstone on Friday. Some suffered on the medium rubber, and many complained about strong winds. We take a team-by-team look at the day one progress in Great Britain…


Nico Rosberg, 1m 34.274s, P1/1m 34.155s, P1
Lewis Hamilton, 1m 34.344s, P2/1m 34.621s, P4

Rosberg lost much of FP1 with a hydraulic problem that kept his F1 W06 Hybrid in the garage, but the mechanics did a tremendous job to change the gearbox in just 42 minutes. He still had some gearshift problems in FP2, but even so was fastest in both sessions. The team, meanwhile, earned a reprimand after covering parts of Rosberg’s car while recovering it in the first session.

Hamilton had been fastest in FP1 right until the end, when Rosberg got running again and slipped ahead by 0.070s, and was again fastest on the hard Pirelli in FP2. He didn’t find a very big improvement when he switched to the mediums late on however. Both drivers say they have further work to do on set-up.


Kimi Raikkonen, 1m 35.588s, P4/1m 34.502s, P2
Sebastian Vettel, 1m 35.739s, P6/1m 34.522s, P3

Raikkonen said that he felt happier on Pirelli’s medium tyre than the hard, but both he and Vettel were generally satisfied with their day’s work – with the usual caveat that it’s only Friday. It remains to be seen whether the team were running on low fuel.

Red Bull

Daniil Kvyat, 1m 35.876s, P8/1m 35.009s, P5
Daniel Ricciardo, 1m 35.818s, P7/1m 35.153s, P6

Both drivers cautiously welcomed the upgrades Red Bull brought for the RB11, and Kvyat said that they “more or less” performed as expected. The Russian in particular impressed, booking fifth in FP2 while running on the hard compound. Red Bull’s long-run pace, in addition, looks very impressive.

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Steve Johnson

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