The yacht lifestyle surpasses the deck of a superyacht. As 2018’s Monaco Yacht Show will highlight – decadence is always in the details. Alongside some of the sassiest sleekest yachts in Port Hercules, the yacht show will gift those wooed by wonderfully creative interior design with plenty of food for thought. You don’t need to be a yacht owner to invest in beautiful bespoke homewares, our choice of products can cut across the board, and will turn heads both on deck and in the home. From fabulous soft furnishings to awe-inspiring art, lavish lighting, and even palatial bathroom features – here are some of the very best interior design and homeware brands to check out at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Sabrina Monte Carlo

Vibrant color schemes and chic Mediterranean style with a firm emphasis on the al fresco life marks Sabrina Monte Carlo out on the map. Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino comes from a fierce and fabulous fashion background and has kitted out close a hundred yachts along with French Riviera villas and Parisian Louis XV apartments. We love her jungle inspired L’Art de la Table statement plates and prints.

Annibale Colombo

From 19th century Milanese middle class style to modern Italian craftmanship and the love of the artisan imagination, Annibale Colombo is one of the classiest carpenters the world has seen. From the riches of rosewood to the Pekia and Amaranth, inlaid with antique touches and majestically executed, bespoke furniture as beautiful as this is a rarity. Those in the mood for celebrating the golden era of yesteryear will love the collezione classica; especially for the whimsical beauty of the secretairs. Bold lines and colors can be found over at the contemporary collection.


Immagini 13518

Leather has never been so sensory than when laying your hands on the buttery soft pleasure of a Lealpell piece. The leather furniture company was founded over four decades ago in the Guissano. Now, they are famed around the world for their faultless creation of the finest Italian leather goods. Pick fine finishes for your yachts interior or choose leather sofas for the home – we adore the Ignifugo finish with its caramel hues, or the soft as moccasin Tribe skin that comes with an aniline finish.

Crystal Caviar

True masterpieces curated from glimmering glass – Crystal Caviar is a purveyor of perfect conversation pieces. The Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers are every bit as evocative and enchanting as they sound. Calling on the history of Bohemian glass craftmanship, the husband and wife team has grown to be one of the biggest and boldest suppliers to the superyacht industry. We are smitten by their Crystal Swallows chandelier detail and their hand-blown amber pieces that seem to both be carved from some fantasy land. Lovers of intricacy and imagination are sure to crave their own standout chandelier from Crystal Caviar.

Cristal Et Bronze

A tour de force of Parisian style, Cristal et Bronze was created by an antiques dealer in the City of Lights back in 1937. Elegant French craftmanship is celebrated in the handmade bathroom fittings and accessories; whether yacht or home, you can be sure that this is a brand that will turn your tired bathroom into something Marie Antoinette would be proud of. Both the brass and Chambord basins ae hallmarks of a higher plane of luxury living; the former boasting hammered glimmers of gold and the latter available in smooth onyx black or marble white. From their sink down tubs to their Etoile de Paris door knobs, every detail has been designed to bring a little joie de vivre back to the world.

Oliver Treutlein

One of the worlds most inspired carpet designers, after perusing the catalogue its no surprise that Oliver Treutlein is taking the luxury world by storm. What started in the small German town of Meerbusch became a world-wide phenomenon, Treutlein’s carpets are woven from the finest textiles; from Italian silk to pure New Zealand wool. The Heritage collection is home to subtle and highly prestigious tones whereas those looking to make a statement can pick from bold colors and beautiful worldly prints from the Impression range.

Those seeking statement stylistic pieces will be spoilt for choice at the Monaco Yacht Show, for more information on what to expect from everyone’s favorite luxury event, check out our preview and guide to Monaco.