Real estate in the heart of Monaco often comes with a touch of class and the latest thought piece from Sabrina Monte Carlo captures the essence of a place with plenty of coupe de couer. Collaborating with local real estate agency – Lopez de la Osa & Franco, the chosen cavernous apartment with its clean white walls and scrubbed oak floor was set upon by Sabrina and her team and turned into something spectacular.

Fendi Furnishings and Port Hercule Views Photo Credit Yvan Grubski

The daring dining rooms is one of the first places you reach after passing through the kitchen. The setting for fabulous dinner parties is a welcome sight with Fendi jet black table, flashes of chrome and beautiful beige fabric chairs. Diamond shaped cabinets surround in a similar onyx black and the 24-light baccarat crystal chandelier frames the whole scene. The grandiose light fixture is touched with pink shades that seem to soften the drama of the room. Hermes plates, baccarat glasses and crystal candle jars add to the mise en scene.

Black lacquer, beige comfort and baccarat crystal Photo Credit Yvan Grubski

The overtly generous living room is a vision of coziness with splashes of dark and light that seems to hum with a warm vibrancy. Two Fendi sofas in marine and fir forest colors complement a modular coffee table carved with black marble and warm bronze. Another baccarat chandelier hangs heavy sending prisms of light across the sumptuous beige and grey Fendi carpet. Plump velvet armchairs, also from Fendi, invite visitors to pick a book from the black lacquered bookcase and flop in a chair to read.

hermes plates and crystal candle jars bring sumptuous touches to the table Photo Credit Yvan Grubski

Moving out onto the terrace and white Fendi furnishings dressed in navy tropical foliage cushions brings a splash of the exotic hovering above the city of Monaco. Unobstructed views out to the yachts lining Port Hercule and the Roc delivers the perfect backdrop for watching the sunset.

The master bedroom is a scene of plush softness with velvet swathes of beige, greens and blue. The room also offers touches of polished bronze to finish the heavier furnishings. Teal sink down sofas, mossy cushions and sand lounge chair seem to effortlessly pull the room together. The bed is the star of the show with its landscape of quilts and cushions inviting a sweet respite after a night at the casino.

a vision of moss and teal comfort in the bedroom Photo Credit Yvan Grubski

The apartment from Sabrina Monte Carlo is a tour de force and simply must be seen. Currently open for visits, Sabrina has truly captured the spirit of intimate elegance.