Leonardo da Vinci believed water was the driving force of all nature. One look at yacht design genius Sander Sinot’s divine new conceptual confection instantly confirms water’s important status. The latest plans to flow from the creative pen of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design embrace a unique holistic approach, delivering a luxurious yachting lifestyle influenced by the physical, material, and emotional aspects of a tranquil life at sea.

Welcoming the day, the Sinot Concept Yacht Nature invites sunlight to play with contemporary fixtures, masterfully blending daylighting with LED sources to highlight her elegant features. Honoring the landscape, Nature opens her eyes wide through full height windows to generously share open decks and magnificent horizons that encourage guests to feel at one with the sea.

Romantic? Absolutely. Peaceful? Definitely. Luxurious? No question. It is Concept Yacht Nature’s full intent to bestow feelings of intimacy and belonging, becoming one with nature while on board. But what of the real details?

The Profile

Sleek lines with edgy curves, Nature’s designers explain that she seeks to fit into the environment rather than command it. Designed to inspire close relationships with the outdoors while nesting guests comfortably amid posh design, this exceptional concept yacht holds many surprises, even for the seasoned yacht owner.


Concept Yacht Nature is drawn at 120 meters/394 feet, welcoming 18 guests into eight staterooms and an owner’s deck, with accommodation for 50 crew. The 15-meter/50-foot beam allows capacious relaxation, dining, entertainment, and private spaces. The expansive storage area tucks in a 10-meter limousine tender, along with two crew tenders and eight wave runners.

Remarkable Features

Clean sight lines and broad, open decks invite guests to a daily dance with the outdoors, playing in the sea level pool. As the main deck parts, pool guests greet the sky from an enormous, yet connected, entertainment space. The spa deck and gym indulge the physical senses with zen-like simplicity, executed in nature’s most beautiful materials.

Imitating design from the DNA helix, a graceful staircase makes the transition from deck to deck. The owner’s deck, expansive and private, is graced with a climate-controlled inner garden, placing nature within to indulge exquisite floor-to-ceiling views from port as well as starboard.

Cupping both sides of the bow, full height windows reveal a dramatic view as protective panels sweep backward. Laying out the way ahead, the Panorama Deck issues observation privileges once reserved for the mermaid and angel figureheads of historic seagoing bows.

Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

Responsible for extraordinary yacht design on Feadships Savannah, Musashi, ROCKIT, and Harle, along with a host of additional accomplishments, Sander Sinot and his team of 30 hand-picked experts take design direction from the client and turn it into true vision with pleasing results.

Working tightly with major shipyards, suppliers, furniture makers, artisans, and custom craftsmen of all types, the group work to exceed every expectation from their headquarters in Eemnes, 20 minutes south of Amsterdam. Striving to inspire freedom, joy, comfort, and convenience in a beautiful environment, Sinot delivers intelligent, functional, thoughtful designs that surprise and delight with every project.