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Introducing the Nautilus; A Most Unique Astronomical Time Piece

Winch Design and Thomas Mercer are proud to present their latest collaboration, Nautilus, an horological sculpture combining interior design and astronomical timekeeping.

The word Nautilus derives from the Latin form of the original Ancient Greek: ναυτίλος (nautílos) which means sailor, a title fitting for this unique sculptural time piece. Taking inspiration from the natural world, Andrew Winch and the design teams at Winch Design studied the shapes, curves and proportions of shells collected from beaches around the world. The team found themselves drawn to the spiral of the Nautilus, whose elegant form follows the golden ratio of the Fibonacci sequence. Quarter-circle arcs are inscribed with the Fibonacci integers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21, the curvature of the crystal spirals out from the intricate clock face inside. Nature in its purest form is reflected in the proportions of this exquisite time piece.

The streamlined yet physically imposing piece is a sculpture made of fine Bohemian crystal, the signature work of the world-renowned Crystal Caviar. This kiln-cast glass sculpture, created in the Czech Republic, measures 79x60x12cm and weighs 65 kilos. Crafted through a meticulous process only achievable by the hands of impeccably skilled artisans. Nautilus was initially intended to be carved out of timber, however during the design process it was decided that by adding transparency and lightness to the clock through the use of immaculate crystal, it was brought to life. It’s deep and complex blue hues have created the illusion of looking through the ocean waters to treasures below.

Synonymous with the characteristics of the ocean, Nautilus is the ultimate statement piece for a superyacht, intended to be showcased and admired. When displayed in sunlight, it sings, as the intricate details within the crystal are revealed.

A marine chronometer is an instrument that is both precise – stays synchronized with an external standard time – and accurate – the frequency of its oscillator is stable over time. Optimum efficiency must be sustained during navigation and across a varied range of temperatures and positions.  A visual and mechanical feat, the Nautilus belongs to the exclusive family of astronomical movements. Featuring a perpetual calendar which displays date, month and leap year in addition to the zodiac, the celestial coordinates are completed with a delicate 3-D moon sphere, providing the different lunar phases.

The mechanism of the clock itself is housed in a truly individual tube case made of extra-white crystal which offers an all-around view of the inner workings, meaning they can be admired in their entirety. The elegant open-work dial magnifies the intricacies of the multi-complicated movement. The hands are steel-made, hand-finished with bluing technique. A final touch of distinction is the double chain-fusee drive which, coupled with barrels, provides the movement with a 30-day power reserve that makes winding it a pleasurable yet rare occasion.

The only one of its kind in existence, Nautilus is a truly unique celebration of horology and design, but most importantly, a celebration of the beauty, elegance and power of the ocean.

“It has been a great privilege to collaborate with Thomas Mercer on this unique timepiece. Time remains to me the ultimate luxury, and Nautilus not only embodies this, but also reflects Winch Design’s commitment to precision, expertise and beauty, and above all our love of the ocean”
Andrew Winch – Founder

Steve Johnson

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