Porsche 911 R (2)

There is no sight in the world for a car enthusiast comparable to a zooming Porsche on a race track or on road. The 911 R series is one of the best known car series to come out from Porsche. With the new 2016 Porsche 911 R, the brand lives up to the expectations of delivering a vehicle that has the style and power. This limited edition car was first seen at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016.

Keeping up with the 911 tradition, the new version is lightweight and boasts of a 500 HP engine with manual transmission. A little over 3020 pounds, this is definitely the lightest Porsche 911 R and only 991 limited version cars are going to be available for sale. It is only the 3rd Porsche car with its flat-6 engine. This 4-litre engine along with the 6-Speed manual transmission makes it a great sports car that can deliver amazing performance at high speeds. The gear shifts are short and crisp enhancing the driver engagement with the vehicle.

Porsche 911 R (4)

The car is expected to accelerate from 0-60 in a mere 3.7 seconds and can go up to a track speed of 200 mph. Its performance on high speed corners is impeccable with great handling and stability. The specialized mechanical rear differential lock offers the car a good amount of on-road traction, this coupled with Ceramic Composite Braking system from Porsche guarantees a safe and enjoyable high speed experience. More than the speed, the car also has an amazing stability system which has been custom engineered for the new 911 R. It also has a front axle lift system that allows you to get an additional 1.8 inches in ground clearance.

In order to keep the car fast and low weight, various parts of the car are created out of different composites and metals. A good number of parts are made from carbon fiber which is light and durable, the roof however has Magnesium which offers a lower center of gravity to the car thus enabling better stability at higher speeds. The sports exhaust system is created with Titanium making it efficient as well as reducing the weight.

Porsche 911 R (1)

Though there is a lot of new machinery and technology that makes the 2016 Porsche 911 R a very modern and edgy car, it still retains the classic look as well. The design is a good looking blend of the Carerra and 911 GT3.  Its interiors and seats pay homage to the classic Porsche of the 1960s. All is all this is an efficient, good looking sports car that will get the driver’s Adrenaline rushing.

The expected price of around USD 185,000 makes it fairly pricey but then it’s a Porsche!