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The AM-RB 001 Hypercar is the first of its kind and a result of a collaborative effort of two of the most prominent motor brands globally. Aston Martin, with their years of experience in delivering unmatched luxury cars, and Red Bull Racing, a front-line F1 team, have come together to bring to life a road car like no other. The car was revealed recently in Gaydon, England.

With the vision to produce a car that is an epitome of design and driving performance, the alliance is headed by three eminent people. Marek Reichman & David Kind from Aston Martin and Adrian Newey from Red Bull Racing bring to the table immense experience and expertise. The alliance is a representation of over a century of experience in producing top quality GT cars and the influx of modern technology that helps in constant improvement of vehicle performance in a highly competitive F1 environment.

The car is created with light carbon fibre and with an unparalleled aerodynamic design, the down force is like no other road car. Newey has given the car a design that keeps the essence of Aston Martin in terms of the richly elegant design and at the same time gives the necessary aerodynamic design that makes it even a good track car.

AM-RB 001 is stipulated to have the bullish V12 engine as its heart giving it a 1:1 power to weight ratio. The mid mounted, high rev engine and other specs of the car will be revealed in the coming months. Other highlights of the cars specs include an innovative suspension system and a radical transmission system developed by Newey and his team at Red Bull Advanced Technologies. He along with his team have brought to life his experience and vision of over 30 years.

The production of the AM-RB 001 will take place at Aston Martin’s factory in Gadyon. With 99-150 cars expected to be produced, including prototypes, these cars will surely be rarest of the rare ones. There is also talk about 25 cars to be built as track only versions. The first delivery of the AM-RB 001 is expected to be around 2018. It surely looks like a car worth the wait and if the speculation is to go by, it will be a car like no other, not a super car but a hypercar.