Bentley has been one of the most revered automotive brands in the world, the ultimate marriage of luxury and performance. Their standard lineup is a prime example of how both characteristics can co-exist perfectly. However, the in-house Mulliner division of Bentley takes the vehicles to a completely different level. The latest edition to this is the new Bentayga Mulliner.


the fastest growing SUV on the market

The Bentayga is Bentley’s answer to the growing demand for luxury SUV’s. It is currently the fastest SUV in the market, housing a 6.0-liter w12 that produces 600 horsepower and 663 lb-ft torque. This propels the car from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds with a top speed measuring in at 187 mph.

Mulliner however, is more concerned with making the Bentayga a more luxurious vehicle by creating an atmosphere of absolute perfection in the form of craftsmanship. The exterior of the car has seen the introduction of the Duo Tone paintwork. The Duo Tone has been developed to provide that beautiful split between the bonnet of the Bentayga and the rest of the car as to provide an illusion of a floating bonnet. In addition to the Duo Tone paint job, the Mulliner Bentayga also gets new 22″Paragon seven-spoke wheels with floating wheel centers.


suave split colors and mulliner stitching

The interior sees the greatest change with a higher level of bespoke customization being present. The theme of splitting colors carries on into the seats as the front and rear are finished in different hide colors and are offered in 7 different color-ways. Mulliner embroidery is visible on different areas of the interior as well. Other features that are unique to the car are Mulliner Bottle Cooler in the rear of the cabin, featuring an illuminated chilling cabinet and bespoke Cumbria Crystal flutes. Building on this, the Ombré Burr Walnut Veneer was specifically introduced for the Mulliner Bentayga, this showcases a beautiful wood transition from  Black through to Burr Walnut.


fly fishing kits and champagne flutes – the details make the difference

Mulliner has also added extra features regarding the electronics of the car. An updated car audio system which is The Naim, boasts to be the most powerful high quality system in its class with a 1950-watt output and a 21-channel amplifier. Other useful amenities include a remote controlled Parking Heater function that can heat or cool the seats with the engine turned off. Multiple driver aids have also been included in the Mulliner Bentayga to help improve overall driver comfort and safety. An intelligent anti roll system called ‘Bentley Dynamic Ride’ actively monitors rolling forces and maintains the maximum grip available on all four tyres while going through corners at speed.

Overall, Mulliner has been able to do what many thought was not possible, making the Bentayga more bespoke for the ultimate customer. Providing a more unique approach to the customer for better customization and experience. Orders for the new Mulliner Bentayga start in Spring 2017.


orders for the new bentley bentayga start in spring