In a place where the police cruise in Lamborghinis it is difficult to introduce a car that stands out. With the Mulliner limited edition: Mulsanne Sinjari, Bentley has managed to launch a car that has an exclusive design and top–notch British craftsmanship. Bentley’s legendary coach-building division, Mulliner will build 4 limited versions of the Mulsanne Sinjari.

The car has been built combining the heritage of the region with the British craftsmanship that Bentley is known for. Mulliner is renowned for its expertise in creating exclusive limited edition vehicles and the Mulsanne Sinjari is another prime example of the same. Two of the four cars have already been delivered and the remaining are already in production.



Bentley has found inspiration in Sinjari falcon that is associated with the racing heritage in the region for more than 4000 years. The Mulsanne exhibits the elegance and grace of the falcon that is native to the Sinjari mountains in the Arab region.


The performance of this Bentley is also eagle like on the road. With its 6.75 V8 engine, the car can reach speeds of 296 kmph. Sinjari produces an astonishing torque of 1020 Nm. With these configurations the car is a pleasant ride for the passenger and a good experience for the driver as well.

Exteriors of the car reflect the Arabian bird’s royalty with a gold plated flying B. The bumper, radiator shell and bonnet blend in seamlessly to give the car a very high end look. Its exteriors are well complimented with its interiors. The lush interiors comprise of the diamond quilted leather trim with a black and white finish. With multiple types of woods and hand crafted veneers, the detailing of the interiors in unmatched.


The Mulliner limited edition: Mulsanne Sinjari is for the car owner who desires a vehicle that will definitely stand out. It truly is the Bentley for the Middle East customers.