Along the exquisite Costa Smeralda rimming Sardinia’s northern coast, two bespoke Rolls-Royce models are set like jewels into the Summer Studio ‘Dusk Until Dawn’ exhibit at Porto Cervo. Reflecting the colors, excitement, and lifestyle of those strolling the Promenade du Port, the cool, calming essence of the Wraith sits in contrast to the brilliance of the vibrant Dawn, both glamorous in their own right and expressing the essence of the season on this luxurious island.

An exterior, painted with two hues of silver and streaked with a purple feature line, invite exploration of the Wraith’s interior mood. As the doors open to reveal the mystique created by the tranquil interior palette, soft lighting embellishes shades of blue, purple, slate, and black. Dramatic dark woods and deeply textured ostrich leather deepen and reinforce the mood. Adorned with the blithe statuette gracing the bonnets of Rolls-Royce motor cars since 1911, Spirit of Ecstasy shines her own soft light onto the distinctive grillwork, leading the way into the night.

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Vividly dressed in the emerald hue inspired by Porto Cervo’s seaside surroundings, the Dawn Droptop Coupé extends her sociable spirit to the outdoors, with lush seashell and green interior leathers. Open pore teak wraps the dash, adorned with a mother-of-pearl Porto Cervo emblem dressed in emeralds and white gold. A teak boot deck complements the dash, both reinforcing the nautical nature of the island.

Emphasizing the bespoke qualities of these mobile works of art, a pair of Rolls-Royce headrests serve as the perfect canvas for London artist Mo Cappoletta tattoo designs, contributing his creative force as a part of the team curating the exhibit. The Wraith, as Rolls-Royce’s most powerful car to date, and Dawn, as the motor car company’s most sociable model, both have Porto Cervo on their schedules until September, so arrange to catch a glimpse of them soon.