750 Series

BMW is one of the most respected car brands globally and it has been highly recognized and awarded. The BMW 7 Series sedan that launched in the fall of 2015 has been awarded the 2016 World Luxury Car Award at the New York International Auto Show.

The vehicle is a combination of great design and state of the art technology making the BMW 7 Series an epitome of luxury and comfort. It is one of the first cars in the premium segment to have a lot of new technology features introduced including gesture control, active kidney grille and air breather. All this combined with its light weight makes the car a pleasurable ride. With BMW’s Carbon core passenger cell technology, the car is able to achieve better torsion strength as well as more stability on bends. The technology uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic that helps to give the necessary sturdiness and cuts down on the overall weight at the same time.

750 Series 2

The BMW 7 Series sedan is powered by a 445 HP V8 engine and the BMW Twin Power Turbo Technology. This version of the car has increased engine efficiency as well as a more efficient engine cooling system.

In the US, the BMW 7 Series is available only as a long wheelbase version. With an inch increment in the wheelbase from the previous version, the specs of this sedan make it the roomiest sedan from BMW. It is also said to have the best leg space for back seats among all premium luxury cars.

750 Series 3

The car is given a very powerful appearance with well defined structure and an upright front end stance. With the added Kidney Grille, the front looks even fancier with the increase in the number of bars. Their air flap system is also visible, however it only opens up in case the vehicle needs additional cooling. Since it is closed when not required, it ensures that the aerodynamic nature of the car design is not lost.

750 Series 4

As attractive as the outside of the car is the inside. With ample of gadgets and buttons to keep you busy, you’ll also find luxury and comfort inside. There is use of aluminum and wood in the interiors to give the car a luxury finish alongside the exclusive leather upholstery. The iDrive 5.0 with touch screen is not only great for navigation but is perfectly built to match the dimensions of the front panel. This BMW definitely is a stand out in terms of the design and the functionality. It is truly a world class luxury car.

MSRP Starting Around $85,295  (€74,859 euros)